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  • More blogging advice: controversy

    A blog, website, newsletter or social media account doesn’t need controversy to be successful. However, Here’s the top 10 posts of all time for this blog: Title Link Debarkle The True History of R2D2 – Sith Lord The Puppy Kerfuffle Timeline The Nebulas & 20booksto50, not-a-nudge-nudge-slate Meanwhile, Former Sad Pups Keep […]


  • Blogging advice

    There is renewed interest in blogging because of the Musk buyout of Twitter. I think the best advice is still to wait and see. The right has had a number of flurries about social media since 2015 (or thereabouts). I’ve seen ex-Puppies try to revive old blogs when Facebook’s erratic moderation policies fueled fear of […]

  • Happy New Year 2022

    …we’ll see how this one goes… What have I got planned for 2022 blog-wise? Bond songs. Lots of blogs have done Bond-film rewatches, and done it better than I would. I’ve never written much about music, so this is a weird and cheesy way to start. All the Bond themes in order and then ranked. […]

  • Thirteen Notable Video Games of 2020 (maybe?)

    The other week I linked to a few “best of…” lists for 2020. On Twitter, Hampus also suggested another round-up source here I’ve since collated those lists along with the video games already listed on the Hugo Sheet of Doom. I’ll confess that I have taken a scattershot approach to deciding whether games are […]

  • Hugo Fan Writer: Why you should vote for…all of them!

    I’m shirking my responsibility to rank this year’s finalists because it is too emotionally painful. However here are links to my fan-writing meta-reviews in reverse alphabetical order: Adam Whitehead Paul Weimer Bogi Takács Alasdair Stuart James Davis Nicoll Cora Buhlert But most of all don’t forget to vote!

  • Hugo Fan Writer: Why you should vote for…Adam Whitehead

    The final candidate and just in time as people rush to get their ballots filled in! Adam Whitehead: Blog: Sites: Patreon: What else does the genre of fan-writing have to offer beyond the already mentioned three-ews (news, views and reviews)? We’ve already seen quite a variety. We could add another ‘ew’ with ‘interviews’ […]

  • Hugo Fan Writer: Why you should vote for…Paul Weimer

    Hugo online voting is now open. Don’t forget to vote in the Fan Writer category. Speaking of which here is our fifth contestant! Paul Weimer Sites: & Audio: It can’t be true that Paul Weimer knows everybody in science fiction but if we were to draw a huge network graph, I think […]

  • Hugo Fan Writer: Why you should vote for…Bogi Takács

    We are into the second half of this years fantastical fan-writing finalists. Tomorrow we hit the wonderful world of the W’s. Bogi Takács: Blog: I believe I first encountered Bogi on Twitter. Of course, nobody should be defined just by their social-media but given that fandom is a social phenomenon, the role of media […]

  • Hugo Fan Writer: Why you should vote for…Alasdair Stuart

    Three down, three to go! The next exciting plot twist in the Hugo Fan Writer series! Alasdair Stuart: Blog: , & https://escapepod.orgSample: What do we call a pop-culture explorer who co-owns a podcasting empire? A pod-cast impresario? An impodsario? The Escape Artist network of podcasts (SF: Escape Pod, Horror: Pseudo Pod, […]

  • Hugo Fan Writer: Why you should vote for…James Davis Nicoll

    Post number two (collect them all!) in our Hugo Fan Writer profiles. James Davis Nicoll: Blog: Sites: We could, if we felt inclined, classify fan writing into the three ‘ews’: news, views and reviews. James leads his Hugo packet contribution with reviews and while those are excellent they perhaps underplay his history as […]