Puppies and Hugos

On to specifics. Recently I’ve been finding myself commenting more on the Internet. The specific cause of my increased level of web-based verbiage has been the kerfuffle over Hugo Awards. As some of my comments at various places (e.g. here http://file770.com/?p=22634 and here http://www.philipsandifer.com/2015/04/guided-by-beauty-of-their-weapons.html ) were getting into blog-post level themselves, I thought it best if I wrote less on other people’s blogs and wrote more somewhere else. That way I can could point to what I wrote and say “this”.

Some background for anybody who comes here unfamiliar with the brouhaha.

The Hugo Awards are given every year to various works in science-fiction and fantasy. While they resemble other literary awards they are somewhat unusual. Instead of being decided by a panel of judges, the awards are actually associated with an annual fan convention WorldCon. Members firstly nominate (some months before) and then vote on the shortlist of nominees.

Recently there has been a backlash by some active writers who felt the awards were cliquish and too leftwing. This backlash took the form of a campaign called “Sad Puppies”. This year the campaign was joined by a more assertive campaign called “Rabid Puppies”. Both campaigns put forward slates of nominees that, for one reason or another, ended up dominating the final set of nominees…

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