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  • Debarkle Chapter 68: History Rhymes — Nebulas 2019

    Debarkle Chapter 68: History Rhymes — Nebulas 2019

    One of the contradictory themes of the 2015 Sad Puppy campaigns was its dual claims of tradition and change. Brad Torgersen had sought a traditional publishing path within science fiction, seeking a mentor from an influential editor (Mike Resnick) and publication in one of the longest-running science fiction magazines, Analog. However, the Sad Puppy campaign […]

  • Tying up old plot lines

    Tying up old plot lines

    There is a lot of noise amid the right-SF social media sphere currently. It’s very free form and the broader cause is that in mainstream SF&F communities there has been the recent cases of some very prominent and well connected men being held accountable for the way they have been treating other people (earlier coverage). […]

  • Blogiversary: Greatest Hits

    Blogiversary: Greatest Hits

    Five years of all this nonsense but what nonsense were people reading and when? I’m down here in the archive stacks of Felapton Towers and blowing the dust off the weird old filing cabinets to find out. These posts are just the numbers-game hits rather than special favourites and often other factors drove the traffic […]

  • April Brings the First Slate of the Year

    Buds are budding and spring is springing, at least in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. The Dragon Award website may still be in its wintery slumber but we have our first proper slate for it.* Russell Newquist’s Silver Empire publishing has been filling the gap left in right-wing SFF publishing left by Castalia […]

  • Yet another alt-SFWA

    We’ve covered attempts at creating alternatives to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America before but the face behind the latest attempt has a better track record of getting things done. Craig Martelle (who you may recall from the LMBPN/20Books kerfufle) has announced a new organisation called The Independent Alliance of Science Fiction & […]

  • Looking back at a kerfuffle

    Back in July the Galaxy’s Edge* magazine, Robert J Sawyer’s regular column discussed some issues around the SFWA. The column was also covered in this Pixel Scroll at File 770. I didn’t engage a great deal with Sawyer’s comments because I’m not a part of the SFWA and I’m unlikely to ever be and I’ve […]

  • Authors behaving badly: Episode# 1,234,543 Richard Fox

    I won’t add much commentary but if you haven’t already read Mike Glyer’s piece on Richard Fox’s poor behaviour: For earlier context see: I know that Mike Glyer takes book piracy seriously and I know that I do. Fake DMCA notices, as well as being an increase in hostile tactics deployed […]

  • Dragon Award Update

    A general round-up of who is saying what and where. The Red Panda Fraction have started an award suggestion spreadsheet using the same model as the Lady Business Hugo one. Very useful even if you aren’t participating in the Dragon Awards. Previous years I tried to systematically collect Dragon Award requests for nominations. I […]

  • Wrapping up the LMBPN Kerfuffle and the Nebulas

    The Nebula Awards were announced yesterday [see for full coverage]. That brings to a close the minor kerfuffle around the 20booksto50K kerfuffle that I covered here. As I said in that linked post, four works that were both Nebula finalists and on the 20booksto50K not-a-slate were from the publisher LMBPN which is associated with […]

  • Nebula Novelettes: Summing Up

    Six longer short stories or shorter novellas with a cornucopia of ideas. I thought one was a stand out piece and another was pretty good but the others much harder to rank in quality. The Only Harmless Great Thing by Brooke Bolander was a tour-de-force (my review). Packed full of ideas and emotional gut punches, […]

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