Dragon Award Update

A general round-up of who is saying what and where.

The Red Panda Fraction have started an award suggestion spreadsheet http://bit.ly/DragonAwards2019Eligible using the same model as the Lady Business Hugo one. Very useful even if you aren’t participating in the Dragon Awards.

Previous years I tried to systematically collect Dragon Award requests for nominations. I haven’t done that this year, partly because interest in them seems to be waning substantially. Vox Day’s 2019 post soliciting nominations was non-committal [archive link]. Larry Correia has been promoting the award on Facebook but not much otherwise (e.g. not on his blog).

I haven’t seen any distinct promotion of the awards from 20booksto50K, which is odd given the Dragons are overtly an it’s-OK-to-campaign award. However, Craig Martelle has asked for nominations and based on previous years I would imagine he’d be a strong contender (specifically Scorpion’s Fury by CH Gideon which is a pen-name of his).

Of course, Declan Finn has been on the case of who to vote for http://www.declanfinn.com/2019/05/dragon-awards-may-2019.html but interestingly his publisher Russell Newquist hasn’t posted about the awards this year. Jon Del Arroz has been busy talking about other things. So overall, not much on my radar.

Nominations don’t close to July 19, so there are several weeks to go but based on past years, it has been quieter. Of course, also based on past years, there’s a community of readers-writers somewhere who have just become aware collectively about the Dragon Awards and who will be this years surprising finalists :).

12 thoughts on “Dragon Award Update

  1. Last year made it look like the puppies can’t just write themselves in on the ballot. But Martelle’s outfit is likely to get through whatever filters are in effect.


    1. Facebook purged a lot of “fake accounts”, though why they would purge the official Dragon Award page and the fan group page I have no idea.


  2. Weren’t they just whining that the Dragons had “surpassed” the Hugos? 🙂

    But again, the Pups lost their clubhouse after the first year, when more people learned about the awards’ existence and the award runners were under pressure to at least pay lip service to votes and tried to keep big, liberal names from not rejecting their nominations. And then last year, the self-pub crowd came in and motivated their fan bases, which the award runners also couldn’t totally ignore and gave them some of the nominations. And that meant that the door was mostly closed except to some big name authors who the Pups like and which the award runners can safely count.

    So the Pups who got in on the first year’s spoils will have more cachet for their awards and award nominations as the Dragons inch towards being a real award. But there’s not that much point in flogging the awards for them now. The award runners can be more favorable to them if turnout is low. If the Dragons are still around in five years, they’ll be complaining it’s been corrupted by liberal cabals. But the next two years will be the ones to watch.

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    1. The Dragons rarely if ever get a mention from MGC or Hoyt (except the KJA collab) – which is interesting. Aside from Larry, it’s had very little Distinctly Sad Puppy presence but has had Rabids and Scrappy presence. Which is interesting


      1. I’m sure Beale claims credit for starting the Dragon Awards, so Rabids talk about it as part of their power and media empire against the destroyers of Aryan — Comicsgate, Animegate, Gamergate, etc., even if they aren’t actually getting any nominations. But the Sads are mostly relegated to being the old book people by that crowd. And again, they can do better in the Dragons if turnout is low, which is why the Red Pandas have been effective in publicizing the awards.

        Last year, they got hit on two fronts — liberal authors like Marie Lu and Charles Stross getting nominations and a couple of wins, and the self-pub crews coming in to take quite a few nominations by sheer number pressure. So since the award runners pick based off of the votes, this year will be very interesting to see what they do, now that the Dragons have emerged from the toddler era.


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