OK, OK, proper eligibility post grud dammit

My previous post on this topic notwithstanding[1], I am more formally pointing out that:

  • Debarkle is eligible for long form non-fiction and/or fan or related-work categories. Specifically Best Related Work, where I think it would be a really good addition to a set of finalists. I’d vote for it and I’m not always a big fan of the other work by that same author. If you what to point people to it use the blog page https://camestrosfelapton.wordpress.com/debarkle/ as I’ll put ebook links there as well.
  • I’m eligible for fan writing categories. I know I’ve been a bit self-dubious about that, mainly because there’s so many great fan writers out there and they don’t get enough love. Also the politics, philosophy and other stuff here isn’t a side part of the blog but it’s not-not-fan writing either etc. Any way, this year the blog has been more overtly fan writing and the other topics have been part of the fan history project etc.

Anyway, nominating Debarkle would be great if you are looking for something to nominate.


  • [1] English speakers mock German for sticking a whole bunch of words together, nevertheless and notwithstanding it’s something English does as well – just with less consistency as always.
  • [2] the horizontal line spererator in WordPress now comes in a variety of colours

8 thoughts on “OK, OK, proper eligibility post grud dammit

  1. Wait a minute! How can I claim credit for the idea of nominating you for all these Hugos when you have published it first? People will think I’m just an echo echo!

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