Susan’s Pumpkin Pie Salon: November 21/22


Please use the comment section to just chat about whatever you want. Susan’s Salon is posted early on Monday (Australian Eastern Standard Time, which is still Sunday in most other countries). It’s fine to be sad, worried, vaccinated, unvaccinated-yet, angry or maybe even happy (or all of those things at once).

Please feel free to post what you like (either troubling news or pleasant distractions) in the comments for this open thread. [However, no cranky conflicts between each other in the comments.] Links, videos, cat pictures 🐈 etc are fine! Whatever you like! 😇

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  1. Finished the text of Alien Visitors. Slept well last night for the first time in a couple of weeks.
    Today is proofing and footnoting, then off. Then the rest of the month I staycation and think what I want to do next.

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  2. Really enjoyed the first three episodes of Wheel of Time this week. Our little guy was so excited he was ready to watch the second episode right after breakfast, rather than waiting until evening.

    He’s mad at me for suggesting he read Old Yeller, even though I made sure he noticed that in the second paragraph of the book, the young protagonist tells us that he ended up having to shoot the dog. The thing that seemed to hit our guy hard was that Yeller didn’t deserve it.

    “You owe me!” He told me, once he quit crying.

    So I suggested the next book ought to be something less heavy. But he refused to look at A Wrinkle in Time, since he saw the movie already, and he abandoned The Red Badge of Courage after a couple of pages. Instead, he picked up Where the Red Fern Grows, almost entirely because “it has dogs in it.” I told him I didn’t think it was a good idea, but that just made him insist on it.

    So now he’s happily breezing through the book. I thought the focus on hunting might put him off, but it hasn’t fazed him a bit. His reading speed has climbed from 100 words per minute a couple of months ago to 225 words per minute as of two days ago. (Obviously this will vary by book, but Where the Red Fern Grows is respectable.)

    But what’s he going to do when he hits the ending? There are at least three different reasons to cry at the ending. I think I’m going to end up “owing” him again.

    One thing I’ve discovered is that he really likes stories with a first-person POV. Close third-person works too. Teen protagonist, but doesn’t have to be white or male. And any animals help.

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    • I’ve watched most of episode 1. I’m still deciding whether to dump Prime as a subscription and I thought I’d give it a go before quitting…and I thought it was entertaining. Sort of what I was hoping for – a TV adaptation that captures the essence of peak extruded-generic-epic-fantasy but with decent actors & scripting to improve the characterisation. I thought Nynaeve was a distinct improvement on the book character while clearly being the book character.


    • I was going to suggest Watership Down, but ending is a bit bittersweet. Happy to hear that reading is going well!

      I will wait with trying Wheel of Times until there are a couple of seasons.


    • The Black Stallion maybe? I can’t remember what perspective it’s told from, but it has a teenage protagonist and an animal. If he likes stories from an animal’s perspective Black Beauty gets a bit rough at times but has a happy ending.

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  3. New fun news regarding the Swedish Alt-Right magazine that I have written about before. This time the old editor and co-founder decided to sell all her stock for one crown (ten cents) to another person. As she owned 20% of the magazine, it means that it’s effective value would be half a dollar.

    That might have been an exaggeration as they have just cancelled all payments and the authorities have been asked to intervene. 🙃

    Otherwise, Sir Scrittles and Nevyn have been away to my brother for a week while I repainted a wall. Back again, Sir Scrittles spent five hours following me around and telling me about his experiences while Nevyn ate some food and slept.

    I also had a move night where we watched Cat’s Eye, an old Stephen King movie that is still kind of fun, and In The Loop, a comedy about US wanting to start a new war in the Middle-East. It was kind of fun, but the constant profanities got tiresome after a while.

    Nothing new on the reading front.

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  4. The song remains the same.

    EGG’s on my lap right now since it’s getting cooler. His percentage of treat catches has gone back up to about 80.

    We will be going to a friend’s to eat mass quantities of food. Due to *waves at everything*, we’re having much of it done for us, to be picked up Wed. But they don’t do punkin pie, so I must.

    Before that, I will be getting my booster shot.


  5. Not much change here either. I’m feeling very frustrated at the still rising covid numbers, at the ever more aggressive rhetoric and at the constant gloom and doom pushed by certain people.

    This week, I have to finish a story for a fantasy anthology which is due by the end of the month, The story itself is finished, it only needs one more readthrough.

    Also, I finally have blinds again in the office, bedroom and living room.

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  6. Spent the day wondering whether the ugghhhhhh feeling was due to having had the booster the day before or something that might prevents us leaving for Amsterdam later today to spend Thanksgiving with a (distant) cousin-in-law. Looks like it was the former.
    Also watched the first three episodes of season 2 of Departure which has some good cast members but also a bit of a ‘we can do the show right here’ feel about it.
    And the penultimate episode of Outlaws which also has an excellent cast, including, unbelievably given that it’s about a bunch of people doing community service in Bristol, Christopher Walken! (It also has some brilliant one liners and insults to remember)


  7. We’re enjoying the Blade Runner anime on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim on Saturday nights. Looks to be the same sort of animation engine you see in videogames, but the scenery is a perfect replica of the movies and the voice cast is good.


  8. Today is “inspect new flat” day. Early next week is the exchange. I find it surprisingly stressful.


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