Debarkle Endgame Update

So two chapters and a hell of a lot of typo fixing to go.

Here’s the plan:

  1. A conclusion: tieing everything together. No new events of facts, just what the point of the whole exercise demonstrates, sort of.
  2. Dramatis Personae Afterword. Basically where all the major characters/players ended up by the end(ish) of 2021. If you are wondering where the Baen’s Bar stuff from the start of the year is going to appear, it will be here. No thematic connection, just how things turned out one way or another.

Then the blog version of Debarkle is complete. After that…

  1. Fix up the typo backlog
  2. Publish the Volume 3 ebook version (parts 5 & 6) [available only for a limited time!]
  3. Read through the whole non-blog combined version, make some terminology conistent etc
  4. Publish the Complete Debarkle ebook
  5. And all before the end of 2021!

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