Catch up on the Debarkle with ebook of Volume 1

While Part 3 is heading towards the fires of Sasquan, you can now read the century-spanning Parts 1 & 2 in the single volume eBook.

Debarkle Volume 1 1880-2014 covers chapters 1 to 33 but with fewer typos than the raw-and-edgy blog version. This is the ‘second draft’ version and once everything is finished, a final more definitive single-volume version will be made with more revisions to the text.

The book is currently available form:

And will be in other retailers soon.

Regular readers will spot that I’ve not gone with Smashwords this time. Instead, I’ve used Draft2Digital. There’s a couple of reasons why.

Firstly, I just wanted to try out how Draft2Digital works. They claim it is more seamless than other services and it really is pretty simple to use. Overall, quicker to get an ebook formatted from a starting position of a Word doc than Smashwords.

The second reason was a problem I had with Smashwords and the Hugosauriad. As part of their automated checks, Smashwords looks for Amazon links and flags them as issues. This is because nefarious authors try to use other eBook stores to drive business to books that they have as Amazon exclusives by putting links in non-exclusive books. The problem is that these checks catch any and all Amazon references. For the Hugosauriad that mean some really weird changes to the Chuck Tingle chapter!

16 responses to “Catch up on the Debarkle with ebook of Volume 1”

  1. Draft to Digital is really great and easy to use. BTW, let me know if you want a new release spotlight at the Speculative Fiction Showcase for this.


  2. Error 404. I don’t really know how to use these online book stores. Does it cost money? Do I have to create an account and be bothered by spam for the rest of my life? I might wait for the paperback.


    • Cam’s book doesn’t cost money, but you’ll have to create an account at one of the many online bookstores it’s available from in order to get it. I use Kobo to buy ebooks from, and have only been emailed by them once in the eight and a half years I’ve been buying from them — to tell me that a book I’d preordered was now available in my account (I’m in the UK, may not apply to other countries’ version of Kobo).

      If you’ve not bought ebooks before, you will also need ebook software. If you want to read on a computer, I recommend Calibre — . If you want to read on a mobile device, then the ebook store you use probably has its own proprietary app you can download.


  3. Is there any way to download to Calibre? I already have several readers on this laptop and really don’t want another if I can help it. (I have my own works on Kobo but ironically you have to use a Kobo reader or app to read files from Kobo.) So far every one I’ve clicked on seems to be proprietary. Are any simply an epub file?)


    • You don’t have to use a Kobo reader or app to read books from Kobo. If you buy from Kobo and go to the “My Books” page on the Kobo website, you’ll see all the books you’ve bought from them, and you can download them. DRMd books need to be opened with Adobe Reader (at least until you break the DRM…) but Cam’s book isn’t DRMd and so is just a plain epub and can be read in any reader.


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