Some buildings that look like Daleks

Apparently the US right wing media is trying to stir up irrational fear of New Zealand as a way of inspiring people to vote for Donald Trump — I guess on the grounds that he is very much the antithesis of Jacinda Ardern (who is articulate, popular and competent). The prospect of Trump supporters actively avoiding New Zealand (not that they can travel there anyway currently) is not a major worry for the Kiwis and they may regarded it as an active benefit. So is it worth pointing out that the NZ parliament building has a distinct resemblance to a Dalek and surely that tells you a lot about that nation? Very scary and maybe Trump supporters might want to avoid the whole southern hemisphere?

But what other buildings look like Daleks and how might a blogger fill out a lazy post just with pictures of buildings that vaguely look like Daleks? After meticulous research typing in “buildinggs that lok like Daleks”(sic) into Google in the hope of finding somebody else’s list to plagiarise, I present to you this listicle entitled “Five other buildings that look a bit like Daleks”. Also I get to test the Wordpess-Makes-Twitter-Thread Feature…

The Gherkin

Pisa Baptistrey

The Nott Memorial, Union College

Selfridges Building, Birmingham

Mövenpick Hotel Hamburg

I’ve only seen three of those in person. If you’ve seen all six you get six Davros-points. Suggestions welcome.

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  1. Depending on whether the foreground is part of the same building the Beehive (sans foreground) looks to be streets ahead in resemblance.

    But the idea that came to my mind is depicting Daleks wearing MAGA caps.

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  2. I get three points (Birmingham Selfridges, the Gherkin and Hotel Mövenpick), though the Birmingham Selfridges is the only one I’ve been inside.


  3. I get no points, but while Selfridge’s has a Dalek aesthetic, it does not, in fact, look like a Dalek itself. Perhaps their HQ.

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  4. Here are some local buildings which look either like Daleks or as if Daleks designed them.

    This trio of Dalek-like buildings in Bremerhaven are the Mediterraneo mall, the Sail City Hotel and the Climate museum:

    And here we have Bremen’s Universum science center, which looks not so much like a Dalek, but a crashed spaceship or the head of a sandworm:


  5. The Catedral Metropolitana i Brasilia:

    The nearby Congresso National have two saucers on the roof:


    1. I’ve seen that building a lot on TV, whenever something is set in Oxford. It shows up in Lewis a lot as well as in His Dark Materials. But until now, I didn’t know what it was. I always assumed it was a church.

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  6. The top of the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh looks a bit like a dalek, but don’t ask me how it got up there.


  7. Only one point for me, and only a maybe at that (pretty sure I caught a glimpse of the Beehive while on a very brief stopover in Wellington). I have been to London and Birmingham but not since before those giant daleks were built. There are not very many round buildings in Adelaide. I am guessing our very rectangular street layout tends to discourage it. However, the National Wine Centre is shaped like a boat (why a boat and not eg a wine barrel is anyone’s guess).

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  8. I can’t help but think that you’re burying the lede: WHICH right wing media are stoking irrational fear of New Zealand?

    I can sort of see why: the Flying Nun catalog is not for the faint of heart, but surely that’s true across the political spectrum.

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