Book Launch: How To Science Fictionally

To celebrate five years of all this stuff and nonsense, here is a new collection of posts spanning the nearly two-thousand day history of the blog.

We answer all the important topics! How can you make your space ship travel faster than light? How can you make your teleporter work? How are you going to send a message home and how are you going to style your beard?

These and many other questions are often badly answered in this compendium of essays from Camestros Felapton (that’s me!). Ranging from flippant to occasionally researched, this book answers the burning issues in modern sci-fi.

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Amazon: Ha, ha, nope.

In there you will discover…

  • How to travel through space: an introduction of sorts
  • How to travel faster than light
  • How not to time travel
  • How else to time travel
  • How to survive as a time traveller
  • How to grow a beard
  • How to teleport
  • How to ansible
  • How to change your mind: Get Out and other things
  • How to keep politics out of your science fiction: Captain Bob and the Space Patrol
  • How not be human: The Being Not Human Awards
  • How to make a replicator, a replicator, a replicator…
  • How to be psychic
  • How to be a priest
  • How to duplicate people
  • How to be a pod person: Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978
  • How to catch the tube
  • How to make something invisible
  • How to fly
  • How to make a force field
  • How to hover just a little bit off the ground
  • How to blow up the Death Star and/or other doomsday weapons but mainly the Death Star
  • How not to make a phaser
  • How to make a magic gun stopping thing
  • How to change a British superhero
  • How to tell if a film is science fiction
  • How to tell the difference between fictional science and fictional magic
  • How not to alter history


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