Some responses to the Isabel Fall story

I’ve started and trashed some further posts on the Clarkesworld “Attack Helicopter” story. As you are aware, I use this blog as a dumping ground for thoughts and I still have many on this topic. However, a long ramble that adds nothing to what I said earlier probably isn’t helping. Instead, here are some links to reactions I have found interesting that have come either from people I follow on social media or were forwarded by people I follow on social media.

There remain a host of questions but on most of them I think it is a matter of waiting.

Some responses to the attack helicopter story.

Phoebe North

Laura Lam on death of the author

Alex Acks:

Rachel Swirsky:

Bogi Takács:

M L Clark:

Edited to add a couple more that arrived later.

Carmen Maria Machado

Alexandra Erin doesn’t mention the story by name

6 thoughts on “Some responses to the Isabel Fall story

  1. I tried to read the story, but I’m just not into philosophical wrangling around abstract frameworks that are mostly meaningless to me. I tend to think that people’s gender and sexuality is more defined by gut feelings than by careful reasoning. The latter mostly used to defend what is already felt.

    Speaking as a participant in another sexual minority community, I sometimes think it is a disservice to a community to be defined and guarded by the most verbal and academically prone people who will dissect single sentences and measure them against a framework that has been built up piece by piece to sometimes be hardly understandable to others. From being a participant in forum for alternative sexuality, I know the basics and a bit more, but can become quite lost when everything walks too deeply into theorising around philosophy.

    I understand the need many people have, I’ve had my time of doubt and fanatical reading myself when I first started to understand how I differed from others. But having seen too many forum discussions waylaid into discussions about exact definitions of words (that have no exact definitions) or meaning of single sentences, I will try to avoid stories that are based around such discussions.


    1. Also, having been a forum moderator (I quit most forums end last year) on a website for alternative sexualities, I’ve long since lost count of how many posts I have removed with variations of the texts in the meme (when there are kinks based on traditional gender roles, they tend to attract a certain kind of people). Seeing the title by itself tends to put me in a really bad mood and my first thought when seeing the story was “is this really necessary?”.

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  2. The death of the author?!

    Here are the threads I saw:

    I think only the first one overrlaps yours.



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