How to report an issue on Goodreads

Just as a quick guide.

  1. Anybody, whether you have a Goodreads account or not, can email directly to raise an issue.
  2. There is a contact form on the help pages
  3. You can flag individual reviews. It’s not obvious as you have to sort of hover over the review with the cursor for the little flag icon to appear. There is an explanation here
  4. You can also flag individual comments on a review. To do this click “see review” so the individual review opens on a new page. The flag icons will then appear next to comments on the review.*
  5. The community guidelines are here and the pertinent ones include:
    • Hate speech, bigotry, threats, and ad hominem attacks are not tolerated.
    • Please don’t misrepresent your identity or create accounts to harass other members, abuse features, or evade our rules. Spammers and scammers are not welcome.
    • Artificially inflating or deflating a book’s ratings or reputation violates our rules. This includes activity like creating fake accounts to manipulate book ratings, purchasing reviews, and incentivizing votes, likes, or other actions on Goodreads.
  6. I don’t know if snail-mail will get any attention but the address is 180 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA 94105, US.

*[updated after a few experiments]

8 responses to “How to report an issue on Goodreads”

  1. Small addendum: You can also flag individual comments on a review, but only if you have already posted a comment on that thread yourself.


  2. Welp, I’ve sent a complaint, goodness knows if it’ll do any good.
    Unfortunately I suspect it’ll take some noisy media attention to get them to really take this urgently.


    • I’m surprised it’s not more of a story — it’s quite extreme harassment. I know it’s more alarming when its online friends being targetted but even so, Goodreads being hijacked by cyber-stalkers is a big deal.


  3. I was absolutely appalled to see the comments on that book, really nasty and shocking stuff.
    Does anyone know why this hasn’t been picked up by file 770 I think this would get it a lot more media attention particularly since it involves a sci-fi author, and Patrick Tomlinson must have the patience of a saint because he’s been dealing with this for over 18 months and nobody else seemed to know about it.


  4. Thanks for giving this useful information cames (is it ok to call you that?) The Moderator in the Librarian Group said it is now bettter to use the Contact Us link rather than emailed & for me this is true. I emiled Support about a Librarian matter in October & did a follow up email in December. No reply. Using Contact Us I usually ger a response in 24 hours.


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