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  • Tying up old plot lines

    Tying up old plot lines

    There is a lot of noise amid the right-SF social media sphere currently. It’s very free form and the broader cause is that in mainstream SF&F communities there has been the recent cases of some very prominent and well connected men being held accountable for the way they have been treating other people (earlier coverage). […]


  • Blogiversary: Greatest Hits

    Blogiversary: Greatest Hits

    Five years of all this nonsense but what nonsense were people reading and when? I’m down here in the archive stacks of Felapton Towers and blowing the dust off the weird old filing cabinets to find out. These posts are just the numbers-game hits rather than special favourites and often other factors drove the traffic […]

  • Just some links to Ersatz Culture’s detective work

    Ersatz Culture has been doing some deep data-driven detective work on Goodreads sockpuppet accounts. It’s covered in three (so far) Twitter threads and I want to discuss some of the things being revealed but not quite yet. I’m putting links to them here for reference: [ETA one more thread from EC] I will note one […]

  • Goodreads: Aftermath

    Looking this morning at the book that was targetted as part of a cyber-stalking/troll attack ( it does appear that the inundation of defamatory and doxxing “reviews” have stopped for the time being. I know many people were having to play a game of whackamole by flagging seemingly endless reviews and comments. Although the attacks […]

  • How to report an issue on Goodreads

    Just as a quick guide. Anybody, whether you have a Goodreads account or not, can email directly to raise an issue. There is a contact form on the help pages You can flag individual reviews. It’s not obvious as you have to sort of hover over the review with the cursor for the […]

  • Goodreads is still a garbage fire but maybe they are waking up (slowly)

    There are further reports of people being doxxed and fake accounts at Goodreads as part of the on-going harassment of Patrick S Tomlinson and the ensuing identity theft of a large number of SFF authors and notable fans. (for background see ) The current targets now include Paul Weimer who has been targetted by […]

  • Goodreads Troll Update

    Jason Sanford has a long piece on his Patreon page (freely available) on the issue, which includes an interview with Patrick Tomlinson. Sanford also reports on Twitter: The number of reviews on the as-yet-unreleased book In The Black has dropped sharply from the 124 I last reported on to 19 today. Many of the […]

  • Looking deeper into the Goodreads troll problem

    [Updates on this post: ] The repeated spamming of Patrick S Tomlinson’s unpublished book with fake reviews continues on Goodreads [see earlier post]. Looking at the long list of reviews (currently 124 ratings) it is clear that some have been removed, presumably after being flagged by multiple people. However, with the trolls targetting the […]

  • Goodreads’ Troll Problem

    Goodreads, the book review site, is about thirteen years old and has had systemic troll problem for most of those years. Matters had reached crisis proportions way back in 2012 (see ). Some of the issues arose not from trolling as such but from the inevitable conflict between authors and readers when assessing the […]