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The outcome of the second article up for deletion (Tom Kratman) was “keep”. The net effect of what the highly fragile souls surrounding Michael Z Williamson were calling an ‘unpersoning’ was zero articles deleted and both articles get some extra references and tidy-ups. It’s just like a Stalinist show trial but one were they come round to your house and makeover your living room with new curtains and also not send you to prison or anything.

Ironically, Kratman got a more definitive result because his article got brigaded less than Williamson’s. So far the only substantial attempt to delete a Baen author’s page was by Williamson when he demanded his own page got taken down.

The net effect on Williamson has a huge up-tick in people reading his Wikipedia page:


Actually my main purpose for this post was to put some useful links up:

Might be worth watching in case there’s a sudden rash of deletion attempts by some example of fragile masculinity…


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  1. It’s all so stupid. Who cares if you have a wikipedia article? It really doesn’t matter at all in the big scheme of things. I mean, I understand how someone’s ego, self-promotion and desire to be recognized as notable is part of it .. but really, actually being notable is the reward in itself. And to engage in such bad behaviour just to elbow a place among people you claim not to like or value?

    It’s like all those guys who hate liberal university SJW rightthink blah blah, but loudly trumpet their own (dubious) academic credentials and want the intellectual/cultural credibility that comes with it (dr gorka, carter page phd). Tiresome.

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    • I click a page, click “View History,” and near the top there’s a bar listing “External tools” which includes “Pageviews.” It doesn’t give me a graph identical to the one here, but it gives the same information and lets you choose several different ways to show it.


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