Todays Infographic: Marvel/DC versus Australian Soaps

There are many great rivalries: love versus death, left versus right, the Guelphs & the Ghibellines but few can match the rivalries between DC and Marvel companies or Sydney versus Melbourne or the ongoing battle of Australian soap operas.

But what if we put them altogether?

The chart shows actors who have appeared at least once in one of three Aussie soaps. I’ve added the now defunct Blue Heelers — less famous outside of Australia but once one of the most popular dramas on Australian TV. Technically it was a police drama but fairly soapy.

The most surprising name is Dave Bautista who made a guest appearance as himself on Neighbours in 2009.


18 thoughts on “Todays Infographic: Marvel/DC versus Australian Soaps

  1. I know nothing whatever about current Australian soaps, but I still fondly recall the one where the heroine got pushed into a swamp by her evil husband and got her face bitten off by a crocodile, but had a new one put on by a plastic surgeon and then came back as a supermodel to plot revenge against her husband, as you do.

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    1. Top rule of Australian soaps – unless your soap is set in the bush, do not EVER go into the bush as bad things will happen. If your soap is set somewhere more rural do not EVER go into the city as bad things will happen.

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      1. Oh, I just remembered – it had no superhero-adjacent actors, but it DID have one actor (Wendy Hughes) who was later in ST:TNG as Lt. Cmdr Nella Daren, who dated Picard. IIRC, she gave a far better performance than the rubber-crocodiled spectacle really deserved.

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  2. I did not know that Dominic Purcell and Julian McMahon were Australian or in Australia. Julian McMahon is also currently the alien villain in Marvel’s The Runaways t.v. series. The Australian actors have for the last twenty-five years been steadily infiltrating Hollywood, for which we can all be very grateful.


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