Timothy and the Genres

[Camestros] Look what I made you!
[Timothy] Not interested.

[Camestros] But it is the new old-genre. The happening place for aspiring alt-right cat-based publishers.

[Timothy] It’s just not my thing.

[Camestros] Vox is doing one. See https://voxday.blogspot.com.au/2016/05/brings-lightning-by-peter-grant.html The Boycott-Tor-Books guy is writing it. Manly men with guns!  Manly American men with guns!

[Timothy] (sigh) What’s that thing on the cover.

[Camestros] A walrus – you LIKE walruses. They’ve got whiskers.

[Timothy] The other thing. The cow thing.

[Camestros] It’s a horse.

[Timothy] Horse, cow, same difference. Stupid animals that poo everywhere.

[Camestros] Never mind that, you can be the new Louis L’Amour!

[Timothy] You have no idea who that is. Tell me one thing about Louis L’Amour.

[Camestros] He was maybe French? I don’t know. Does it matter?

[Timothy] You’ve never actually read any Westerns have you?

[Camestros] Um, No, but I’ve seen piles of movies.

[Timothy] So you want us to become the Brad Torgersen of Westerns?

[Camestros] Ah, fair point and yeah, horses are stupid.

[Timothy] Yes they are. They are indeed.


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