Trolling With Pie Charts


In order:

  • Unresolvable taxonomic arguments
  • Rot 13 plot spoilers
  • Brain Z
  • Stuff about puppies
  • That thing that time when…
  • Inter-filer rows
  • Other stuff about puppies
  • Filks
  • Brackets
  • [ETA] Attempting to be fifth (not shown due to errors)
  • That awful thing that somebody did
  • Food
  • Gardening
  • Talking about religion whilst avoiding the topic of religion
  • Something about guns
  • Cakes
  • Ha, ha this cool thing we found
  • Puns
  • [ETA] Grouching about the to-be-read pile
  • [ETA] making book recommendations for people’s TBR pile
  • Other stuff


8 thoughts on “Trolling With Pie Charts

  1. …but what about attempts to claim any given value of first / fifth?

    BtW, first.


      1. On the other hand, it’s nice to see this particular typo the other way around for a change.
        My surname actually is “Brain” but people tend to default to reading it as “Brian”.
        I haven’t yet been confused with David Brin though.

        (This common mistake led to a surreal moment at a convention (not an SF one), in which I was given a badge that read “David Brian”. I politely pointed out to the person on the desk that it was “Brain”. They went away, and, a little time later, came back with a badge that read “Brian Brain”…)


  2. Needs more cowbell.

    Also: “Unresolvable Taxonomic Arguments” is the name of my next band


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