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  • A Message from the CEO of Cattimothy House

    These days life can get a bit hectic. If, like me, you run a popular vanity agile publishing house built using your father’s money, you’ve probably found yourself ina situation just like my friend Ted did recently. Maybe Ted is you or maybe Ted is a friend or relative or arch-nemesis, but I think we […]


  • Using Twine @TwineThreads

    A recent piece at File 770 pointed to this SFWA blog article on interactive fiction using the authoring tool Twine. Intrigued, I downloaded it and went off on small wild tangents with the resulting output here: The software doesn’t present you with much: a simple screen with limited menu options. However, this really encourages […]

  • Twine Towns with Bortsworth

    Timothy, as the new chair of Bortsworth Chamber of Commerce Tourism committee, asked me to put together his new interactive tourist guide. It shows all the sites of this historic town, which was lovingly rebuilt in 1955. Story by Timothy, coding by yours truly and typos by squirrels.