Susan’s Salon: 2/3 Octceratops 2022

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28 responses to “Susan’s Salon: 2/3 Octceratops 2022”

  1. Hurricane Ian reminded me how glad I am not to live in Florida (as it went way east of the Panhandle, family and friends are doing fine). We did get drenching rain and a couple of hours without power loss, no more — though given a couple of random branches dropped, if my wife hadn’t insisted on some tree-pruning a while back we might be shopping for a new car windshield now.
    Watched a film called The Lost Girls which follows the trauma wrought by Peter Pan on three generations of women (Vanessa Redgrave steals the show as Wendy Prime). But it’s a muddled message, muddled plot, unimaginative visuals and mostly “meh” acting and characterization (the lead’s Italian accent is jarring). So not recommended.
    I also watched the second Quatermass serial which is the weakest of the original three, but still gets good in the second half.
    We closed the door on Snowdrop last night, but it still freaks him out; Wisp didn’t like it at fast but he sounds utterly terrified. Even if he doesn’t become an indoor cat we’d like him comfortable with a closed door so we don’t have to leave it open in freezing weather.
    Weirdly a neighbor cat whom I’ve done nothing more than glance at in passing today decided I should rub his belly. Not that I’m complaining.


  2. Here’s a picture I took at breakfast yesterday morning of the sun rising over the remnants of hurricane Ian. I’m at my mother’s house on Signal Mountain, Tennessee, and the picture overlooks the city of Chattanooga. The mountains are the Smokies, with Tennessee to the left and Georgia to the right. On a clear day, you can see exactly one peak in North Carolina, which is where the hurricane was.

    My class reunion this week and my family reunion the week before were both fun, but I’m ready to get back to Seattle. Our little guy calls me every morning right when he gets up to make sure I’m okay. I promised him I really am coming back, and he giggled and told me he knew that, but this is the longest I’ve been away from him, and it’s clear it’s causing him some anxiety–even though Eric is there with him. (I don’t want to spell it out, but the reasons he’s anxious should be obvious.)

    He just finished The Hunger Games and is charging ahead into Catching Fire, the second book. He only has to read thirty minutes a day, but he’s been putting in two hours because he likes the story. Such a change from when he would only read 15 minutes a day, and only comic books!

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  3. Got reboostered on Wed & basically spent all of Thurs and some of Fri zonked.

    Currently watching Kleo which is a black comedy about an East German assassin who is released from prison when the wall comes down and decides to seek revenge on those who stitched her up – violent, surreal and at times lol funny.

    Currently reading The Long Legged Fly by James Sallis which is less a crime novel, more a set of vignettes in the life of a PI in N’Orleans and is brilliant.

    Put my hand up in response to a call for more reviewers from the BSFA, so we’ll see what they send me.

    And got a level of writing mojo bubbling back w a couple of pieces submitted and another under construction. So we’ll see what responses the eds send me!

    Have a good week all.


  4. I’m reading the Symposium (which I’m teaching this week) and an anthology called Future Tense Fiction, with stories by Maureen McHugh and Meg Elison in it. So far all the stories are hits.


  5. I spent last week on my first overseas trip since COVID started. Technically it was overseas as I flew to the South Island of New Zealand, crossing water. The last time I was in Christchurch was in 2010 for our honeymoon, just before the earthquakes (so it did feel a bit strange seeing what it looks like now, and without Fern). Parts of the CBD still are empty lots where buildings used to be, empty lots currently used as “temporary carparks”. The rebuilding has been slow, though sections are fully rebuilt, including the walkways along the Avon River. I missed the peak of the cherry blossom season which was mid-September, but there were still a few flower-laden trees here & there.


    • We visited Christchurch in early 2020 (just as the pandemic started to hit) and loved it. A highlight for me was Rutherford’s Den but also just chugging around on the tram was delightful.

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  6. It’s a public holiday here and Mr angharad is currently stuck in an airport waiting for his work to rebook the second leg of a work trip as the flight he was supposed to get was cancelled at the last minute. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on Friday, which was not the actual date, but he’ll be away for the real date. Twenty five years has gone past in about, but we were looking at some old photos the other day and younger us look like strangers (much skinnier, less wrinkly strangers).

    I decided to get over my snit at the early historical inaccuracy and give The Crow Folk another go. Sadly rates a ‘meh’. Not terrible, but definitely does not live up to the boast on the cover about being ‘Dr Who meets Worzel Gummidge’.


    • There is an ‘about’ in there that was supposed to be ‘a blur’. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine where.


    • Nodding ruefully at “much skinnier, less wrinkly strangers”.

      Actually, Mr. LT’s semi-recent illness has left him back at that weight, but I’ve put all of that on. He’s not too wrinkly, but his hair has retreated alarmingly. He used to have a bald spot at the crown of his head — now the front’s receded down the middle to link up with it.


  7. Literally the same as ever. EGG still doing well at catching treats, and of course with demanding food all the time.

    Fancy new toilets installed a month ago are clogging up again. Grrrr. Will be calling the plumber tomorrow. We managed to get them a bit more open with chemicals and elbow grease (and a shop vac!) but still. I thought we were going to have to use EGG’s boxes.

    The cleaning lady did NOT work out. She kept putting things way off from where they should be. I’d have to rearrange every room for at least an hour after she left, and even that didn’t do it; took me 3 days to find my Waterpik (by stubbing my toe on it, *outside* the bathroom?!) and 4 days to find my wok, which is supposed to live on top of the stove. and ended up in the back of a cupboard. How hard is it to put things back approximately where you found them? Plus she was a slow worker who didn’t even get the dishes 100% clean, and she definitely doesn’t understand English at all beyond “yes, no, OK” and such. I get the feeling she’s no genius in whatever her native language is, which isn’t even Spanish, which I could have dealt with. She seemed puzzled by such newfangled gadgets as Swiffers. No, I don’t use a straw broom or a cloth mop dunked in a bucket of dirty water, this isn’t the 1950s.

    But the agencies require 15 hours/week and I simply don’t have that much work for her. She can’t sort out books, I can’t explain anything to her that can’t be pantomimed, all that. Plus having someone creeping slowly around my house half the day was, well, creepy. So it’s back to trying to find a friend or FOAF for an hour or two now and then.

    Luckily my brother and I talk every weekend for a couple hours and he’s getting a bunch of the sci-fi that he doesn’t have (either never had or lost along the way, or in better shape… or that his “Making of 2001” got swiped by his ex).

    @James Nicholl: your service and those of the others with SFBC will be appreciated by him, as most of the books that are going are from there. The “best of” combos and short story collections, plus when he asked if I had “Stranger in a Strange Land”, I asked “original or author’s cut?” Which he didn’t even know the latter existed, but I warned him really isn’t better, as-you-know-everyone-except-Bob. And a chunk of non-Lensman Doc Smith, which are still readable but the used book store wouldn’t want them. Plus some non-fiction. I know they will have a happy home with him.

    She-Hulk continues to make me laugh, a lot. Haven’t watched Andor yet, I need to keep my viewing light. Watching the latest “Amazing Race” which is always good for scenery, and despite being copaganda, there’s something soothing about “Law and Order” (original flavor). Maybe it’s just the doink-doink and Sam Waterston’s eyebrows.


    • Our housekeepers come in pairs. One of them speaks English. There’s only a couple of spots in the house where they get things out of order (because it looks like disorder). We’ve been very happy with regular cleaning even though it is weird having them go through.


  8. Enjoyed the first episode of the Interview with the Vampire TV show and the biggest things I was struck by were:
    1. There’s way more True Blood-type stuff in it than I expected, and that’s working weirdly well for me.
    2. Making Louis an angrier guy is a good idea.
    3. I’m always happy to see Eric Bogosian.


  9. I loaded the dishwasher tonight, yay.

    It seems to be broken, boo.

    Well, I’ll keep the dishes in there till I can wash them by hand — they’re already pretty clean. But I did such a good job fitting things in!


  10. Report on mask wearing at Target:

    Staff: yes
    Young people: ha, no.
    White people: about 10%
    Hispanic: ¡no!
    MENA: no
    South Asian: no
    East Asian: 90% regardless of age

    Think I’m gonna buy food at the Chinese grocery chain for a while.


  11. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of cash on the ginger family plants before I got ones that are thriving. None of the turmerics survived and only two of the gingers as well. Oddly the cardamoms are all doing fantastic.

    Now I know that makes no sense but plants are temperamental, aren’t they? I’ve moved all of them out of the growing lights direct areas into shadier parts of the growing spacr where they are doing much better.

    I’ve had another set of turmeric plants and will be putting them in the shadier put of the growing area.


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