A minor Debarkle footnote update

Chapter 43 of Debarkle covered the shambolic “Tor Boycott” of June 2015, one of the more toxic phases of the Sad/Rabid Puppy campaigns. The issue at the time was a description of those campaigns as:

“There are two extreme right-wing to neo-nazi groups, called the Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies respectively, that are calling for the end of social justice in science fiction and fantasy. They are unrepentantly racist, misogynist, and homophobic. A noisy few but they’ve been able to gather some Gamergate folks around them and elect a slate of bad-to-reprehensible works on this year’s Hugo ballot.”

Peter Grant was a central figure in promoting the subsequent boycott of Tor Books. Grant was a regular blogger at Mad Genius Club (and later a published author at Castalia House) but was not one of the core organisers of the Sad Puppy campaigns. In an open letter to the founder of Tor Books, Grant stated:

“Given that background, you’ll understand that to be told by Ms. Gallo that, as a supporter of the Sad Puppy campaign, I’m “unrepentantly racist”, is utterly unacceptable to me.  Furthermore, I’ve fought (and I mean exchanged gunfire with) real neo-Nazis who sought to impose Nazi-like ideals of racial purity on a country at war with itself.  Thus, to be told that I’m a member of an “extreme right-wing to neo-nazi group” is equally unacceptable.  I could go on cherry-picking individual clauses out of Ms. Gallo’s statements, but why bother?  I think you can understand why I exploded with anger when I read it.  She has no idea about those realities.  I do.  I will bear their scars, mental, spiritual and physical, until the day I die.”


Grant took a somewhat confused position as to whether he was or wasn’t a Sad Puppy i.e. for the purpose of taking offence at the description he saw himself as being part of the Sad Puppies but in the sense of whether the Tor Boycott was an action BY Sad Puppies, he wasn’t.

At the time, people opponents of the Puppies pointed out that Grant (and others) were taking the statement too expansively i.e. a reasonable reading of the statement did imply that all aspects applied to anybody sympathetic to Sad Puppy objectives and that the statement made a distinction between the Sad Puppies and the more overtly extreme Rabid Puppies.

The question of whether Grant was actually sympathetic to extreme right-wing groups that attempt to revive the ultra-nationalist ideologies of the axis powers and enact unrepentantly racist, misogynist, and homophobic policies was not a major topic of discussion.

However, in terms of data on that question, it would be worth considering the recent electoral success of Giorgia Meloni in Italy. Wikipedia describes the more controversial aspects of her career here:

“In a 1996 interview to the French newscast Soir 3, she praised Italian dictator Benito Mussolini as “a good politician, in that everything he did, he did for Italy”,[140][141][142] and as the best politician of the last 50 years.[143] In May 2020, she praised Giorgio Almirante, the co-founder of the Italian Social Movement (MSI),[144][145] who was a Nazi collaborator and editor-in-chief of the antisemitic and racist magazine La Difesa della Razza,[95][146] which published the “Manifesto of Race” in 1938.[147] In December 2020, the independent journalistic TV program Report revealed through an investigative report that her party “has reached the negative record of arrests for mafia group ‘Ndrangheta“,[148] and also having among her ranks Mussolini’s descendants,[149] as well as fascist nostalgics,[150][151][152] according to a 2021 investigative report by Fanpage.it.[153][154] In November 2018, Meloni declared that the celebration of the Liberation Day, also known as the Anniversary of Italy’s Liberation from Nazi-Fascism on 25 April, and Festa della Repubblica, which celebrates the birth of the Italian Republic on 2 June, should be substituted with the National Unity and Armed Forces Day on 4 November, which commemorates Italy’s victory in World War I. She said that Liberation Day and Festa della Repubblica are “two controversial celebrations”.[155] Meloni has tried to distance herself from her close ties to Roberto Jonghi Lavarini,[156] a far-right Milanese politician and entrepreneur known as the “Black Barron”.[157][158][159] In her 2021 biography book I am Giorgia, she wrote that Russia under Vladimir Putin defends European values and Christian identity.[160]


On the topic of Meloni, Peter Grant has praised her success and reposted highly favourable statements by Fox New’s Tucker Carlson. Grant goes so far as to hope for a similar candidate to Meloni to lead the US:

“Can we find, and elect, a similarly level-headed leader in this country? I honestly don’t know. I respect Donald Trump for breaking open the can of worms that we’ve come to call the “Deep State”, and exposing it to public view; but he’s also an egotist and a very, very polarizing and divisive figure. The Deep State and progressive politicians blocked many of his initiatives, and would redouble their efforts if he were re-elected. I’d prefer another candidate (and hopefully a younger one – we have enough geriatric politicians already!) Governor Desantis of Florida sounds interesting, but whether he has the national appeal needed to succeed on a broader stage is debatable. Are there other alternatives? Possibly, but I don’t see anyone standing out so clearly as Mr. Trump or Mr. Desantis.”


Does this mean Grant is wholeheartedly endorsing everything Meloni may have said in the past or is aware of her endorsement of former Nazis? No, and nor does it mean that back in 2015 his views would have been the same as they are now. However, I would have added this 2022 endorsement of Meloni as context to the Debarkle chapter.


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      • Lurkertype –

        You’re misconstruing his claim. One can certainly envision a battle between differing neo-Nazis: some more goverment-based and some freelancers. There *was* a Night of the Long Knives, after all.

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      • Yup, he is South African born. It came up again in the context African born Hugo finalists, i.e. Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki, Manly Wade Wellman, J.R.R. Tolkien, Campbell/Astounding finalist Lauren Beukes and… well, Dave Freer.


      • I vaguely remember getting the impression back then that Grant had been fighting these extremists as some kind of union organizer. But I think this came from one of the other puppies (who talked about how Grant’s SJW credentials made Gallo’s statement extra horrible), so it’s absolutely not a good source.

        Considering the position AWB had in South African politics during apartheid, there’s absolutely no conflict between having been in a firefight with AWB members, and simultaneously being a racist and a supporter of the idea of apartheid.

        More generally, even being specifically opposed to apartheid in South Africa does not prevent someone from being a racist and a supporter of white supremacy today.

        I note that one of the articles on the link Mike posted is a glowing praise of a military veteran who started his career in the British army in WWII, and later had a long service in the Rhodesian special forces – i.e. he fought to maintain Ian Smith’s apartheid regime there. Grant, however, shows absolutely no sign of being critical to the man’s support of Ian Smith’s regime. Grant writes as someone whose position in the 1980’s was supportive of the colonialist structures in southern Africa, not someone who is genuinely committed to fighting racism. (And as a sidenote, this man’s story of fighting both in WWII and in colonial wars in Southern Africa shows how easy it is to transition from fighting nazism in one setting, to upholding racism in another setting.)

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    • Please note that Grant is talking about the war in 1987-88 where Cuba sent troops to Angola to fight the South African militias (who were supported by US) without approval of the Soviet union. So “soviet proxies” will at that time be a misnomer. I wouldn’t even call it Cuban proxies at that time, as the Cuban army was fighting by themselves, not just using others as proxies.

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  1. It’s always funny that you have the history of Hitler coming to power claiming of a Jewish cabal controlled conspiracy of communists et. al. destroying Germany from within the government and you have the Deep State claim of the last thirty years of a Jewish cabal controlled conspiracy of communist-like socialists destroying the U.S. from within the government and the right wingers pretend that this is a totally different conspiracy theory, dang nab it. And of course we now have this Meloni spouting the exact same conspiracy theory for Europe/Italy because the European far right have always had the philosophy that if it almost worked the last time, don’t change it, just add some more black African migrants are a threat to it for pizazz. While the U.S. version goes with brown Latino migrants are a threat for its garnish.

    But it’s the exact same conspiracy theory, right down to Hitler killing or throwing in death camps all the socialists and communists in Germany he could find.

    When it came to Gallo, someone like Grant who wasn’t part of the initial Puppy attempt can claim that the Puppies’ initial public claims — that BIPOC authors were being favored and given nominations and awards because of their race and supposed vote rigging — have nothing to do with him and/or do not effectively exist because he didn’t make them. That Gallo wasn’t talking about him but about the Puppies who made those claims and folks like Beale who made openly racist statements before and during the Puppy campaigns, is unimportant because he’s decided that she is talking about him, when it’s convenient, and not about him when it’s not.

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  2. I would say that woke ideology and large numbers of non-Christian immigrants and the crime they cause are so disturbing to large numbers of people across Europe that they will vote for candidates who promise to correct the situation, without worrying overmuch about what those candidates might have said in the past. Everyone knows that candidates say whatever they think, in the moment, will win them the next election anyway.

    Right-wingers thought that they had in Putin the strong, manly answer to the decadence of the West, which is why they supported him. Now that the supposed strength of Russia has been shown to be a miserable Potemkin village, whatever the ultimate outcome of the war in Ukraine will be, they will look around for other such leaders; Putin’s failure does not make the West any less decadent.


    • From a report by the London School of Economics: “ the share of crimes committed by foreigners is also decreasing within every single region in Italy with respect to the regional average”

      As has been well documented people’s perception of crime rates & so called ‘causes’ differs markedly from reality and fascists and their fellow travellers play on that, of course.

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      • And the far-right parties get stronger the less foreigners live in a part.
        But we have fact free arguments.
        The far-right is in Germany discusion rising crime-rates, when in reality the crime-rate is going down.

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            • Which doesn’t tell us whether an issue has got better or worse. The stats from the LSE shows that increased immigration wasn’t leading to more crime. The stat you are providing is a reason why we might hypothesise that it might and the LSE stats show that the hypothesis is wrong. You are using the two things backwards.

              A: Lots of X do Y
              B: Hypothesis: maybe more X means more Y
              C: Check the stats: increasing X and decreasing Y
              D: conclusion: B is incorrect

              Repeating A doesn’t disprove D or even count against it evidentially.

              A: lots of bald men wear glasses
              B: Hypothesis: increased glasses prescription lead to more baldness
              C: [for the sake of argument, I haven’t checked] glasses prescriptions increase but rates of baldness in men stays the same
              D: conclusion: glasses don’t cause baldness
              E: You: aha! but lots of bald men wear glasses!

              It’s not a non-sequittur as such but it’s really not a counter argument.

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              • In other words, when someone posts statistics that align with your cognitive bias, you accept that as evidence that your beliefs are true, and when someone posts statistics that purport to show otherwise, you look for reasons to disbelieve them. Which, yeah, everyone does that.


            • “Disproportionate” according to what? How many of those foreign nationals are immigrants who live in Italy, and how many did the crime as a short term visitor?

              If a foreigner tries to enter Italy with a drug shipment, but is caught and put in prison, they’ll count as a “foreign national” on statistics – but that has nothing to do with immigration. To include people like that when calculating the percentage of immigrants who commit crime is misleading statistic.

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              • Yeah, no. And on top of the issues around analyzing the data, “disproportionate” representation in North American prisons (eg. Indigenous people in Canada, Black people in the US) has been pretty clearly demonstrated to be the result not of cultural differences but of things like poverty and racial profiling, both of which are substantially created by racist structures and policies, some subtle and some very much not. I would have a lot of trouble believing that ethnically “foreign” immigrants in Europe aren’t subjected to profiling and poverty.

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        • You mean the link to a dead webpage hosted by an Italian business association? That link?
          (The rest of the 7 – count ‘em! – comments seem to express the fear of crime that I mentioned, rather than present any actual data)

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    • I want to know why right-wingers feel that western decadence is a problem in need of a solution (manly or otherwise). I quite enjoy my decadence. They’re welcome to participate or not as they wish but since they don’t seem to have any alternatives to offer that are any kind of fun I would appreciate it if those who don’t want to enjoy the decadence would just bugger off.

      (Also, as a non-christian descendant of immigrants, I would like to know what crimes I am accused of committing.)

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      • I’m generally pretty much enjoying what decadence I can afford. I mean, being able to buy chocolate 24/7 is great. You can buy manly things at all hours too.

        NB “I can afford”– you can’t have decadence without capitalism (or feudalism/slavery), thus the poor immigrants are NOT the ones committing decadence in the first degree. It’s the rich people, the ones who can pay for think tanks, their own media, their own disinfo, and crush the little guy underfoot.
        *cough* Rupert M *cough* Cheeto Benito *cough*

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        • I suppose if there were sufficient surplus goods etc distributed evenly enough that everyone could have 24/7 chocolate (or their own personal pleasure of preference) without the need for anyone to forego their chosen delight then it probably wouldn’t count as decadence to live a life full of such indulgences.

          On the other hand, anyone thinking that people living the lives that Putin and his kleptocrat cronies enjoy are opposing decadence are in need of a visit to the optometrist.

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      • As we all know, the Decadence Bigot Handwave is not about pleasure or luxury per se but about the queers (who are always about sex all the time and can’t exist outside of that context) and POC and other minorities (who are “stealing resources from God-fearing CEOs just trying to get by”) being allowed to exist openly and how this is an affront to whatever ideology they try to justify their hatred with.

        It’s always about bigots wishing for a world where being a bigot is seen as virtue rather than a puss-riddled prick.

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    • Fear of non-white and non-Christian immigrants in Europe has largely retreated to the racist fringe by now.

      There also is no wave of crimes committed by immigrants and never was, even though the media tends to frame crimes committed by immigrants and non-Christians differently, e.g. if a white German-born man kills his daughter, because he doesn’t approve of her boyfriend, or his wife, because she is about to leave him, it’s a family drama and a very tragic singular case. If a Muslim commits the exact same crime, it’s an honour killing and considered a systemic issue.

      But while I can’t speak for Italy, most Europeans simply have other problems right now than worrying about immigrants stealing our women or whatever racist nonsense the far right peddles. Just as most people don’t really worry about gender-neutral language or LGBTQ people daring to be visible or other culture war issues.

      In Italy, I suspect the covid restrictions, though mostly lifted by now, played a role, since across Europe the far right have positioned themselves as opposed to covid restrictions, lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Of course, the far right only opposed covid restrictions, because the other parties supported them. And the reasonable political spectrum was stupid enough to allow covid to turn into a political wedge issue rather than a public health challenge.

      Another, probably more serious issue are the rising energy costs and galopping inflation due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The far right and the far left are cozy with Putin anyway and a lot of people especially in western Europe would prefer their governments to push for peace negotiations rather than supply arms to Ukraine. And the fact that the Green Party, which is traditionally connected to the peace movement, suddenly turned ultra-pro-military and pro-arms-deals has turned off a lot of their voter base.

      Also, here in Germany, the current government is completely incompetent, the liberal party FDP didn’t delivery what its voters expected and the biggest opposition party has been taken over by a narcissist and is busily committing suicide, so that I’ve heard more than one person say that the far right AfD couldn’t possibly be worse than what we’ve got. Mind you, these are not people who would even have considered voting for them two or even one year ago. And most of them won’t vote for the AfD, when push comes to shove, but some will.

      There’s a state election here in Lower Saxony in two weeks and the AfD has doubled its percentage in recent polls, which strikes me as an “all options are crap, but Red/Green would be worse” reaction. This is dangerous, especially since the far rigth AfD was on its way back to fringe party with the immigration issue becoming less politically relevant.


      • Unfortunately, even if most of the population isn’t against those immigrants (and I’d dispute it for some of the countries,) if they put the right wingers in power, the right wingers will still pursue laws and policies to destroy the immigrants — violence, restrictions, legalized discrimination, deportation, false imprisonment, etc. And that of course brings up more myths about how immigrants are criming all the crime, because look how they are all in prison! If you support right wingers and vote them into power, for any reason, you are supporting and institutionalizing racism and increased, violent systematic oppression. So as you say, very dangerous.

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        • And this is why people voting for far right parties, because “they can’t possibly be worse than the other guys” or “at least they won’t impose lockdowns” or “at least they won’t boycott the gas deliveries we need”, is dangerous, because the far right parties will go after immigrants, people of colour and LGBTQ people, before they go after everybody else who’s not 100 percent in line.

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      • Sorry to say, these believes aren’t really fringe in Sweden any more. Our former nazi party, the Swedish Democrats, are now our second largest party with 20% of the votes. And racism has become endemic in several of the other rightwing parties too, as they try to adjust to SD:s successes.

        Hate and racism is everywhere in Swedish politics nowadays.

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        • Yes, I saw the Swedish election results and that’s very depressing. In the case of Sweden, you can’t even blame the election results of the far right on “people are so fed up with covid restrictions, they’d vote for anybody”, because Sweden hardly had any.

          Talking of other parties adopting far right viewpoints, our conservative Christian Democratic Party (i.e. Angela Merkel’s party) ended up under the leadership of a 1990s relic named Friedrich Merz who’d retired to a cushy CEO job after losng a couple of stand-offs against Merkel in the 1990s. Merkel subsequently modernised the CDU and got rid of a lot of the racism, homophobia and misogyny baked into the party, which led to some disgruntled CDU voters for whom the racism was the point to vote for the far right AfD, while the CDU won plenty of new voters who agreed with their economic policies, but hated the racism, homophobia and misogyny. And now that relic Friedrich Merz is bringing the bad old days back, wants to ban gender-neutral language on TV and radio, wants to bring back compulsory military service and expand it to all young people and complains about too many refugees, including Ukrainian war refugees, whom even the racists normally consider “the good ones”.

          Meanwhile the country has plenty of genuine issues, including the most incompetent postwar governmente ever, but the head of the biggest opposition party is committing political suicide, while chasing after 10% racist far right fringe voters.


  3. This isn’t that difficult a conundrum.

    1. Grant, like all Pups of all stripes, is a lying shitbag.
    2. Grant, like all Pups of all stripes, is a racist shitbag.
    3. Grant, like all Pups of all stripes, loves authoritarians and fascists.
    4. Grant, like all Pups of all stripes, will whine if called out about his lying, racism, and fascism.
    5. Grant, like all Pups of all stripes, will make up stories about how he can’t really be a racist and a fascist that fall apart when you subject them to scrutiny whatsoever.

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  4. As a side note, Gallo is still employed by Tor and is going to be one of the Guests of Honor at Capclave this weekend (the other Guest of Honor is Ursula Vernon).

    So the boycott appears to have had no impact at all. Which is kind of emblematic of Grant’s career.

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    • Even better, in this time Gallo got a promotion.
      So you could even argue that the boycott archieved the oposite of what it wanted, which is also a good picture for the puppies.

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    • His “boycott” was literally the first time I heard of him. So I’m pretty sure a lot of other people went from “who?” straight to “oh, that asshole”.

      Never a good career move.

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              • I was always under the impression that Lordy, Men Be Publishing Nightly was basically a collective of self-published writers. Supporting each other in their endeavors and publicity, but still: self-published.

                I think they’re only available on Amazon and make most of their money through KU, from people who like seamless yards of generic extruded Mil-SF (and related genres).

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                • “ from people who like seamless yards of generic extruded Mil-SF (and related genres).” gave me my first lol moment of the day – thanks!

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                  • You are so welcome. The phrasing isn’t originally mine, but I do love it so.

                    However, I meant to type “like seamless yards of generic extruded Mil-SF product


                • LMBPN is not really a collective, it’s Michael Anderle’s small press. There are a couple of ultra-enterprising and marketing focussed self-publishers who’ve turned into small presses (Chris Kennedy Publishing, Aethon Books and Wolfpack Publishing are other examples) publishing those authors who are less marketing focussed or don’t want to deal with publishing and marketing themselves or who are depressed by low sales and convinced they’re doing wrong. The connecting thread here is 20Booksto50K. And yes, a lot of what those companies publish is extruded military SF product or extruded progression fantasy product.


                  • Still indistinguishable from self-pub to me (and others).

                    Nice money-maker for Anderle, though — he slaps a cover on it, does a bit of promotion, and gets a percentage, I bet.

                    I mean, you can buy Baen in bookstores in the US — not so much with the overgrown self-pub conglomerations like LMBPN. Can you even get a bookstore to order it from the big book distributors like Ingram, or do you have to settle for an overpriced Amazon POD?

                    There are many fine self-pub authors, and I follow some. The ones I like tend to have some stand-alones, trilogies, and a few series that only run 5-8 volumes and FINISH. They don’t go on and on and on for years with all the books basically alike and related series that are also the same. Not infinite extruded product, and not run by an evil mastermind.

                    In no particular order: the excellent Lindsay Buroker, Julia Huni’s “Space Janitor” series for lighter stuff, occasional Milo James Fowler, to name a just a few I can find in my KU backlist. And Patty Jansen, although one of her series goes on forever (though it’s about a diplomat, not mil-SF), and she isn’t on KU, maybe because she’s Australian; she also has a big following and a serious mailing list.

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                    • You probably can get LMBPN Books via Ingram, though I haven’t tried, because I have zero interest in their output.

                      And yes, Patty Jansen and Lindsay Buroker are good. Patty is also quite outspoken against Amazon exclusivity.


                    • Now that I am back at my desk (ugh…Monday morning) I’ve checked Ingram and I can order Lumpen Publishing titles through them. Some are even showing as in stock in the Tennessee warehouse. But they’re only offering them to me at a discount of 5% off RRP so I wouldn’t order them, not even for a pre-paid customer order. The costs of shipping, handling and processing them would eat all my margin and then some.


      • His Wikipedia entry is unexpectedly forthright about the sadly rabids:
        “In 2015 Torgensen took charge of the anti-diversity right-wing[…] Sad Puppies movement, which was yearly, unsuccessful attempts to rig the voting in the Hugo Awards in favour of straight, white and male writers who they believed, were being ignored by other voters due to being white men. He was replaced the following campaign.”

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          • I remember noticing this a long time ago, the page shows very clear signs of Torgersen himself editing it anonymously, introducing all sorts of trivia with questionable relevance. He insists on having all his military participation trophies listed, and listing “nomination below cutoff” for the Hugo and Astounding/Campbell award. In some cases the same IP address have also inserted Torgersen into other pages.

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          • He certainly kept trying. None of his medals are anything to write home about; I know one of them is that he took some training in something REMF.

            (But I may be prejudiced; I have Dad’s Purple Heart and Bronze Star and his stories about slogging through the mud of Belgium and Korea, and I know his cremains have a couple pieces of a Nazi landmine in them.)


            • You have me beat then, since all I have is my great-aunt’s East German worker’s medal in bronze.

              My great-grandma also had a Nazi mother cross medal for popping out four kids for Hitler, but that one ended up with my aunt and was lost after her death. I do have a souvenir bracelet she got on a Nazi sponsored cruise which apparently came as part of the mother cross.

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              • And this is proof that sensible people who acknowledge history can get over the feuds of their ancestors.

                My dad and Cora’s distant relatives were actively trying to kill each other 80 years ago (and Dad also was stationed in West Berlin, before the Wall, so make it 65 years ago) and yet here we are, being friends and laughing over scenarios with MOTU figures and the stupidity of Puppies. If it weren’t for the plague and recession, we were planning to hang out at Chicon.

                I hope your great-grandmother enjoyed the cruise. At least it got her away from the 4 kids for a while, which she certainly deserved!


      • I will never forget the realization that he autographs books “Brad T. :)”

        Like a pre-schooler who can’t spell his own last name.

        Which matches his emotional age, so…


        • I know plenty of people who do things like that. (For Internet-habit reasons, in places where I don’t want my middle name taken for a surname, I tend to write Lenora Rose P. more often than the whole. I’ve even done it in work emails*.) Or look at Charles De Lint’s Squiggle sometime. Of all the many many things to mock Brad for, his signature isn’t really one that resonates at all with me.

          *Totally unrelated, I have had people ask me if I go by Lenora Rose when spoken to, since so few people use their middle name as extensively as I do, and many, like Mary Robinette, ideally want both pronounced. I’ve taken to saying “The Rose is silent.”


          • But you’re not a guy who’s all up in his feels about making sure everyone thinks you’re a manly manly man full of manliness. The smiley kinda counteracts that idea. He could always Squiggle his last name, or put his middle initial in but nooo. “Brad RT” would be pretty butch, wouldn’t it? And even quicker than drawing the smiley.

            Everyone else at the event signed their whole names, or whole Squiggles.

            (I like “the Rose is silent”.)

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  5. Performative outrage is performative outrage. Right-wingers love to squawk about how being called unrepentantly racist, misogynist, and homophobic is far worse than actually being unrepentantly racist, misogynist, and homophobic. Especially after being caught red-handed being unrepentantly racist, misogynist, and homophobic.

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  6. I wonder, is there some way to implement threading that doesn’t leave later comments in long threads a word or less wide?


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