Well, that didn’t last…NSW Covid numbers escalate

Back in November, I made this post on how covid numbers stabilised after the NSW lockdown lifted. Various reasons were offered but I thought it was probably just a matter of time. Anyway, it really was just a matter of time:

“New South Wales has recorded Australia’s highest ever daily Covid case tally as the Omicron variant, combined with a wave of Delta cases spread at Christmas gatherings, has caused the number of infections to spike.

The spike comes just days after the NSW government decided to go ahead with removing almost all remaining Covid restrictions, including the requirement to wear masks in crowded retail settings.”


The mask decision appears to be motivated by a desire to ensure activity during the Christmas shopping season combined with a hope that the Omicron variant is less dangerous plus decent vaccination rates among the more vulnerable.


The impact on hospitals is yet unclear.

4 responses to “Well, that didn’t last…NSW Covid numbers escalate”

  1. Omicron is really spreading in the UK. I think that Boris will avoid a Christmas lockdown (especially after the backbench revolt and a massive by-election defeat). But I’d be surprised if we didn’t see one by early January.

    (I intend to visit family at Christmas but I’m the only one who hasn’t had the booster – yet. Appointment is next week).

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  2. That spike looks scary. Even if Omicron is less severe (and I still don’t think it is clear yet if that is true) the sheer numbers don’t bode well for the healthcare system.

    New Zealand is again benefiting from being behind the curve. We were later getting COVID in the country, and later to get our vaccination programme underway (New Zealand only reached 90% double-dosed with Pfizer this week). New Zealand had planned to lift mandatory government quarantine gradually in the new year. It was only last month that mandatory government run quarantine for returnees was reduced from 14 days to 7 days. Back then there were vociferous complaints from those who wanted restrictions to be lifted completely.

    But now that Omicron has arisen, tardiness in lifting quarantine restrictions means we don’t have Omicron in the general community (though Omicron cases have been found in quarantined returning travellers). So it’s possible that we can keep it out for hopefully some months. The 5-11 year old vaccinations are due to begin in January, and 3rd Pfizer is currently being rolled out to those who had their 2nd Pfizer at least six months ago. In light of Omicron, we might be getting our 3rd Pfizer sooner than 6 months after dose 2.

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  3. The NSW premier said a few weeks ago that he personally was getting impatient with masks, as if he’s doing himself and all the rest of us a big favor by dumping them. Yeah nah. I’ll keep wearing mine, thanks.

    QR-code check-in was never perfect. It didn’t allow for nested check-ins (eg check into large retail space, check into shop within that space, check out of shop, check out of retail space). Also, check-ins at certain locations seemed not to update to the system at all. Abandoning QR codes spares the health ministry the necessity of bug fixing, but I pity the contact tracers trying to work with insufficient data.

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