Doctor Who Hair

My drawing of “Ruth” Doctor’s hair needs more work but there are few reference images for Jo Martin’s version of The Doctor. We also don’t know where she fits in with the sequence of Doctors yet, so I put her at the end under #13. “Film” doctor here is Peter Cushing’s version. Both him and John Hurt’s War Doctor had facial hair as well. Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor (7) almost invariably wore his hat. McGann’s Doctor had a very different hair style when he reappeared to regenerate into John Hurt. Both Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi changed hairstyle markedly during their time as the Doctor. I’m really pleased with how Tom Baker’s hair-do turned out!

3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Hair

  1. Jo Martin’s Doctor has locs pulled up and back in a ponytail. You can see a profile shot here:

    (I saved it and used an image program to lighten it to get a better look at it.)

    Stephen Byrne did nice fan art of it:


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