Bronte’s Egg Update

It took more effort than usual but I finally got a copy of Bronte’s Egg by Richard Chwedyk. The anthology “A Fistful of Dinosaurs” (edited by Jim LeMay Edited and Charles Eugene Anderson) has Chwedyk’s earlier “Saurs” story “The Measure of All Things” but Bronte’s Egg has so far only been anthologised in Nebula Awards Showcase 2004 (ed by Vonda McIntyre). Amazon has used copies of that but not from a vendor who would ship to Australia. had a copy but…

AU$109.13 ! And, oddly, it ships from the US. No, non-Amazon online vendor in Australia had a copy nor did some of the more expansive second hand bookshops.

Luckily, somebody known to the meat robot actually had a copy of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction from 2002 where the story originally appeared. This was very serendipitous as I really couldn’t justify over a hundred dollars.

I have to say that I enjoyed both the Measure of All Things and Bronte’s Egg very much. I’m surprised there’s not a collected version.

In other news: Dinosaur Planet is still on its way.


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