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  • John C Wright Consumed by Dinosaurs

    Mentally that is. Wright had been running Chris Chan’s 8 part set of essays on the Sad Puppy campaign (entitled “No Award”). At the end of the last post Wright added a comment on how the conflict could be encapsulated by two stories: “As a useful appendix to this series of columns, in this space […]


  • What should go in the 2020 Hugosauriad addendum?

    I had a short Twitter conversation about the lack of Dinosaurs in this year’s Hugo Awards. There were two good suggestions from people: Seanan McGuire’s InCryptid series has plesiosaurs in Book 5 Chaos Choreography. I’ve not truly engaged with Best Series but cryptids and prehistoric marine creatures are a different strand in dino-literature. Omphalos of […]

  • Book Launch: The Hugosauriad

    Two hundred and fifty two million years in the making, a book that spans geological eras, astronomical bodies colliding, and people getting upset at award ceremonies. Space! Big game hunters! A surprising number of priests! Atheist therapods! This is a book that has everything but a simple premise! Let’s go back to the beginning. The […]

  • Hugosauriad: Bibliography

    Or how to read along to the Hugosauriad. Below is a more comprehensive list but the main books I used include: Dinosaurs! edited by Jack Dann and Gardener Dozios published by Baen Books. This has A Gun for Dinosaur, Poor Little Warrior and The Night-Blooming Saurian in it. They did a second collection Dinosaurs II […]

  • Coming soon as an ebook…

    OK, I should be working on the formatting rather than making a new cover but making a new cover is more fun.

  • Hugosauriad: Cenozoic – the end

    In the end there were no more dinosaurs was the traditional end to their story. Cloaked in mystery they had departed. At first the story was that they had been out-evolved by clever, quick and adaptable mammals but that as a self aggrandising story invented by hairy primates bent on displacing each other. That tale […]

  • The 1990s were peak dinosaur

    I have been playing with the Google n-gram viewer to look at when dinosaurs were appearing most often in books. It looks like the late 1990s, in the wake of Jurassic Park was the top time to encounter dinosaurs in print. But which dinosaurs? Here’s a selection: The volume for brontosaurus surprises me and makes […]

  • Hugosauriad 4.8: Uncanny Magazine and The Tale of the Three Beautiful Raptor Sisters… by Brooke Bolander

    The history of the Hugo Awards is intimately connected to the history of science-fiction and fantasy magazines. For decades Best Novel winners were often first published as serialised stories in the most notable magazines. By 2019 the age of the news stand sci-fi magazine was long over, although some venerable magazines were still in publication […]

  • Hugosauriad 4.7: Extinction event 3 – Vox Day, Alien Strippers and Voting Reform

    Of all the stories I’ve covered in this series, this chapter has the most inconsequential. A story of little merit and no lasting impact, it exists simply to mark an end-point. It’s presence on the Hugo ballot was as a doomed attempt to repeat a prank that had already badly backfired on its perpetrator. When […]

  • Hugosauriad 4.6: Extinction event 2 – Chuck Tingle versus the Alt Right – Space Raptor Butt Invasion

    [A tad NSFW…so more after the fold]