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  • Positivity and Gibberish Ideology

    Way back in 2018, I talked about I called “the thing” in the context of the nonsense that Jordan Peterson was putting out. I still don’t have a better name for it. What I said at the time was: “To perceive yourself as inadequate or weak-willed or to see unhappy circumstance as your own fault […]

  • Review: Superior by Angela Saini

    Science journalist Angela Saini’s third book Superior: the Return of Race Science is a very timely survey of the history and contemporary impact of the attempts to use science to prop up racism and beliefs about race. From Carl Linnaeus to the sinister Pioneer Fund, Saini maps the shifts both in actual understanding and the […]

  • Today’s quiz: what are the right putting in their bodies?

    OK multiple choice question. What surprising thing are the right (from the intellectual dark web to the alt-right) consuming? Is it… Milk Bleach Turpentine Benzodiazepine All of the above at the same time All of the above but at different times Did you guess 6? Well done! Milk. This is an old one and the […]

  • A bad survey about the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’

    This is an edited version of three Twitter rants from yesterday. It started as an off-cuff reaction but I was too far into it before I thought that it should be a blog-post rather than Tweets. Stephen Pinker tweeted out a very weird bit of science theatre created by Michael Shermer. Pinker has enough critical […]

  • Poverty and IQ

    Among the section of the right that regards IQ as the only explanatory variable in society aside from money, the relationship between poverty and IQ is used to defend the huge inequities in ours society as an outcome of a functioning meritocracy. It does not require much deep inspection of how modern capitalist societies work […]

  • Writing and Gambling

    Problem gambling is a complex psychological and social phenomenon with many aspects to it. It resembles other forms of addiction and people with gambling problems may often have other issues. I don’t want to trivialise the nature of gambling addictions or reduce it to a single set of causes. Having said all that…there is one […]

  • And today’s Puppy target is…amateur authors!

    Bless Dave Freer of the Mad Genius Club, he’s taken off from a comment here and woven a delicate confection of post spun from the purest hot air. “Just the profession of writing.That’s what the purpose of the site always has been. That’s what we’ve paid forward thousands of hours of our time to. […]

  • Loved Books: The Mind’s I

    Digging through boxes I found this ageing copy of the Mind’s I — underneath is a copy of Godel, Escher, Bach that you probably all knew that I have somewhere. The GEB doesn’t get an entry in this series because it’s a relatively new copy after the original one I owned vanished (possibly sucked into […]

  • The Right would rather men died than admit any flaws in masculinity

    I shouldn’t read Quillette. For those unfamiliar with the Australian/International online magazine, it is part of that genre of modern political thought that could be called anti-left contrarianism, that covers various soughs from Steven Pinker to Jordan Peterson. Its stock style of article is shallowness dressed up as depth, utilizing the same style of misrepresentation […]

  • Interpersonal skills for technical fields and technical skills for interpersonal fields

    Another reason for reading ex-Puppy leaders is that they say such wonderfully ignorant things while thinking they are saying something clever: in this case a quote from Vox Day. This time he is criticizing calls for improved interpersonal skills in the IT industry. “It would be amusing if technical people began imposing this manifesto of […]

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