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  • Positivity and Gibberish Ideology

    Way back in 2018, I talked about what I called “the thing” in the context of the nonsense that Jordan Peterson was putting out. I still don’t have a better name for it. What I said at the time was: “To perceive yourself as inadequate or weak-willed or to see unhappy circumstance as your own […]


  • A short Twitter diversion on Jordan Peterson

    Jordan B Peterson’s time in the spotlight appears to have faded but he popped back into my awareness recently after Ta-Nehisi Coates introduced a new spin on Captain America’s arch-enemy, The Red Skull. Here’s The Mary Sue article: And hey! Look, look! That’s my little Tweet in there! [scroll down the article, no scroll further, […]

  • Blogiversary: Greatest Hits

    Blogiversary: Greatest Hits

    Five years of all this nonsense but what nonsense were people reading and when? I’m down here in the archive stacks of Felapton Towers and blowing the dust off the weird old filing cabinets to find out. These posts are just the numbers-game hits rather than special favourites and often other factors drove the traffic […]

  • A study in denial

    I could have written a post like this one every other day for the past few weeks. Highlight one of the right-wing blogs I read and talk about their reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic. The story would be the same over and over: a mix of genuine confusion, an even more irrational faith in free […]

  • Today’s quiz: what are the right putting in their bodies?

    OK multiple choice question. What surprising thing are the right (from the intellectual dark web to the alt-right) consuming? Is it… Milk Bleach Turpentine Benzodiazepine All of the above at the same time All of the above but at different times Did you guess 6? Well done! Milk. This is an old one and the […]

  • I visited the Jordan Peterson new social media platform

    Back in June self-help guru Jordan Peterson announced his own new social media platform called “thinkspot” dedicated to “free speech”. I said at the time that it was likely to go the same way as the alt-right Twitter alternative Gab (see ). Having signed up sometime ago out of morbid curiosity, I finally received […]

  • A bad survey about the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’

    This is an edited version of three Twitter rants from yesterday. It started as an off-cuff reaction but I was too far into it before I thought that it should be a blog-post rather than Tweets. Stephen Pinker tweeted out a very weird bit of science theatre created by Michael Shermer. Pinker has enough critical […]

  • Jordan Peterson’s new version of Gab will have all the same problems as Gab

    I’m not sure I have to write a post to accompany the headline as I’ve encapsulated the main point in the headline. The longer version is this. Jordan Peterson has announced his own social media platform “Thinkspot” He described that freedom as the “central” aspect saying, “once you’re on our platform we won’t take you […]

  • Ye Olde Skull & Lobster: Reading Vox Day So You Don’t Have To: Part N+1

    When P.Z. Myers is cited positively and unironically by Vox Day, you know there’s something amiss with the universe. There’s heresy in the air and right-on-right attacks going down. On the one hand, we have Jordan Peterson: transphobic right-wing purveyor of semi-coherent self-help books for people frightened by women going to university. On the other […]

  • Peterson and the ‘Thing’ again

    Don’t worry, not a long post about Jordan Peterson and the malignant nexus of self-help and fascism. No, just a link to somebody else’s long post about Jordan Peterson and the malignant nexus of self-help and right wing politics. The article compares Peterson, the recent NXIVM cult and Ayn Rand. Added for completeness.