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  • Some Book Bub numbers and petunias

    My attention was drawn to a set of numbers from BookBub available here: Some major caveats before we go into them. Firstly these are for marketing purposes and as they say “averages are based on historical data, but are only meant as a reference and are not guaranteed”. The book figures also only apply […]


  • Twitter Polls Suck

    So I referred to the Sad Puppies “extreme politics” on Twitter the other day. Somebody questioned that and I didn’t reply immediately because there’s a lot to unpack. Instead, I offered a Twitter poll with the options of replying as Threaded tweets A linked blog post Talking to cat Six people voted and each option […]

  • Crunching

    [UPDATE: there is better number-crunching here but I think my numbers are coming out similar. Oh and I lost a whole chunk from the bottom – do scroll past the table in the middle!] Dave Freer asked me a question over at Mad Genius while we were arguing about Brad Torgersen’s poor behaviour. Just […]

  • The Unified Puppy Theory

    The Unified Puppy Theory

    Last Sad Puppy post for awhile. More when the Hugo votes come in or when some issue becomes a big deal over nothing. On the final Puppy Round Up at File770 Snowcrash asked: Here at the End of All Things, are some answers/ things we’re still missing: – A honest explanation as to how […]

  • Revenge of the petunias: the gender edition

    This section of my reply to Dave Freer got to long and also touched on issues beyond the proportionality discussion of the Petunias and Whales. I am posting it seperately.

  • Revenge of the Petunias

    Dave Freer has kindly replied to On Petunias and Whales: Part 9 in comments on the Mad Genius Club blog. This post is a reply. The format of my post is a bit ‘fisk’ like and I’m not keen on that because: The fisk approach I think always ends up being a bit aggressive When […]

  • More Petunias: some extra data [updated]

    [updated] I’m even less sure of that data below now. The 100% figure for book publisher seems unlikely. Going to the FEC website and searching on ‘book publisher’ I find lots of hits and some are obviously to Republicans. That isn’t to say the Verdant Labs data is wrong, just without a clear statement of […]

  • Pink SF and Puppies

    It is easy to see the puppies as an amorphous block – a single set of uniform beliefs held by all the main puppy leaders informing their every action. That would be an error though and even a cursory glance at the multiple rationales for the SP’s actions shows a great deal of diversity of […]

  • Revenge of the petunias (and whales)

    A new sighting of Dave Freer’s argument has been spotted on Sarah A Hoyt’s blog. But it goes beyond that. Yeah, this started by noticing that anyone who wasn’t parroting the mintruth’s line of the year had as much chance of winning awards (except for the Prometheus) as a snow ball of setting up residence […]

  • On petunias and whales: part 9

    Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 A conclusion Dave Freer’s argument does not show what he thinks it shows. The flaws in the argument are: His description of a left wing category of authors is probably faulty as it relies on key issues that enjoy more popular support in the US […]