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  • Retro-Blog: The Parliament of Cheese and Curds

    Reposting this June 2015 fable about cheese (and the first appearance of a talking cat). With apologies to John C Wright’s Parliament of Beasts and Birds. The dairy products gathered, one by one, outside the final city of People, furtive, curious, and slightly odd smelling. All was dark. In the west was a blood-red sunset […]

  • A Voyage Round The Kerfuffle Sea While Watching Star Wars 7

    I linked to a positive review of the new Star Wars by Brad Torgersen in my last round-up and over at File770 I was discussing John C Wright’s negative review. There seems to be a real difference of opinion on the film that divides between Sad and Rabid and I’m wondering to what extent a […]

  • The Unified Puppy Theory

    The Unified Puppy Theory

    Last Sad Puppy post for awhile. More when the Hugo votes come in or when some issue becomes a big deal over nothing. On the final Puppy Round Up at File770 Snowcrash asked: http://file770.com/?p=23595&cpage=3#comment-303817 Here at the End of All Things, are some answers/ things we’re still missing: – A honest explanation as to how […]

  • Hugo Ballot

    My votes for the works categories (i.e. not editors, fanzines etc). My strategy for voting was outlined here. For several categories I have also mentioned a comparison work as part of my voting strategy. The named work was a non-nominated work (or works) used to judge the relative quality of works on a slate or […]

  • The Puppy Kerfuffle: Winners and Losers

    No, not a Hugo Awards reviewer but a reviewer of the extended art installation/interactive game/aesthetic stoush/book rebellion/fandom vandalisation known as the Puppy Kerfuffle. My summation of the winners and losers in the whole thing – ignoring, of course, the actual winners and losers of the Hugo Awards. Winners Alexandra Erin: http://www.alexandraerin.com/ her playful and insightful […]

  • Just a bit more on the Antonelli thing

    This is just a bit of an addendum fro this post. In a post here http://louantonelli.blogspot.com.au/2015/06/puppies-in-heartland.html Lou Antonelli said this: In 2012, when Mitt Romney was the Republican nominee for president, most of the leading lights in the s-f literary world combined their hatred for people of faith with their hatred for Republicans by attacking […]

  • Logic and Antonelli

    So the kerfuffle de jour is a rhetorical counter strike from Puppy nominee Lou Antonelli that can be read here http://louantonelli.blogspot.com.au/2015/06/puppies-in-heartland.html . There are many issues with what he wrote the most substantial of which are sweeping claims without supporting evidence. Most notable among them being: In 2012, when Mitt Romney was the Republican nominee […]

  • The Seven Cardinal Sins – a puppy summary

    I haven’t reviewed everything that was nominated but I have read everything and read multiple reviews. I thought this was a good time to look retrospectively of what was wrong with the nominated works (not including best dramatic categories, editorial categories, fan categories or artists). The Catholic catechism traditionally identifies seven capital sins: pride, avarice […]

  • Let’s talk about puppy poo: [Updated]

    Let’s talk about puppy poo: [Updated]

    [Update 16/07/2015 Michael Z Williamson, author of Wisdom from My Internet reviewed below, has announced on his blog that he will be voting No Award across the board. His argument being that the Hugo’s and award like the Nebula’s are no longer any good because of the quality of the nominees. Oddly he seems to […]

  • What are the Hugo Awards for?

    This is a follow up to this post. So prior to this I discussed what the Hugo Awards are for and how they differ from other Awards such as the Nebulas. A key characteristic are that they are voted on by a group of people that I characterize as being activists and who are somewhat […]

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