The Sandifer-Day Debate: updated

Well, more of a discussion than a debate. I was going to start with a boxing metaphor but I know so little about boxing that it was never going to be sustainable. EIther way here is the background so that this post is intelligible in the future.

So a debate between two notable figures in the Puppy-conflict. The pod cast is here: and there is additional post-interview podcast here which is a bit more biting and yet light-hearted and has a talking cat in it (yay!).

[Update: a full transcript is now available here ]

El Sandifer: author of a notable blog that covers: posts on Game of Thrones; a long serialized history of the careers of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison called The Last War in Albion; a series of posts about 1990s Nintendo games; and, most famously, The Tardis Eruditorium – a historico-cultural look at Doctor Who in the context of the society that was watching it. Sandifer’s interest are the occult, Willliam Blake, popular culture and here is firmly of the left. She has written too major posts on the Sad/Rabid Puppy controversy: The Day Fandom Ended and the longer Guided By The Beauty of Their Weapons. Sandifer has advocated a blanket No Award in all categories for the 2015 Hugo Awards.

Vox Day/Theodore Beale: also an author of a notable blog as well as owner and chief editor of Catsalia House. Day (his name as an author) has made many controversial statements on his blog which pitches itself at a right wing audience and the most polite description I can give is “contrarian”.  Notable for saying things which appear to be him saying one thing but which contain interesting conditionals which imply he isn’t saying what he appears to be saying. Vox Day had previously been nominated for a Hugo in an earlier iteration of sad Puppies and in the current kerfuffle was the mind behind the Rabid Puppies campaign.

Notably Sandifer has been quite overt in her attacks on Vox Day’s politics. She has referred to the Rabid Puppy success at gaming the Hugo nominations as a “neofascist” takeover. Sandifer also believes, at least to some extent, in a ‘No Platform’ policy toward racists and fascists. Consequently a live discussion between outspoken rightist Day and outspoken leftist Sandifer sounds like a recipe for fireworks.

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