A Voyage Round The Kerfuffle Sea While Watching Star Wars 7

mapofthepuppykerfuffleV0.4I linked to a positive review of the new Star Wars by Brad Torgersen in my last round-up and over at File770 I was discussing John C Wright’s negative review.

There seems to be a real difference of opinion on the film that divides between Sad and Rabid and I’m wondering to what extent a major SF event such as Star Wars says about SF as a whole. To that end I hopped into my memetic boat, put the cat into a life-vest and set sail again.

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A rant about puppies born of frustration

A prelude to the post: I had been thinking about a few blog projects to try [a mathsy/stats/logic thing, a book review with politics thing, a stupid reactive-fiction-author-as-character thing] when the Puppy Kerfuffle began and I found I was commenting on the ‘net again having taken a sanity-hiatus for awhile. So as some comments on other people’s blogs got longer I thought I’d revive my blog plans and do all of them at once. So some posts here are essentially long-form blog comments i.e. when what I needed to say was longer than is sensible for a blog comment I will write it here or it will morph into something else altogether. In this sense the blog is parasitical.cheesepups

A reasonable person who is sympathetic to the Sad Puppy side posted a comment at File 770 on Puppy reactions to recent issue. I haven’t written a post on the recent Irene Gallo controversy because others have said everything that needed saying far more eloquently. However, I did channel some angst here. Nothing personal intended toward my correspondent. Oh! and it is worth reading Jim Hines catalog of puppy comments here before proceeding to get what I’m going on about.

Andrew P: I think, at the beginning, there were quite a few of us on the SP side of things willing to at least try and have something resembling an honest rational discussion. I’ve posted on more than a couple of threads here who I nominated and why.
I think many of the immediate reactions after the nominations were announced sent some people away. The ew.com and other articles sent most everyone else away, and the last straw for the majority of those left was Gallo’s post.

Well I can see why a diverse group of people would be upset by being painted with a broad brush on the basis of Vox Day’s involvement but…yeah…well we are straight back to the rank hypocrisy thing – Puppies of all stripes painting an even broader group with broad brushes both before the nominations and after.

And look there in your own comment – EW and Irene Gallo aren’t somehow spokespeople for the whole of the set of not-puppies. In makes no sense for Brad T to complain about his position being confused with Vox Day’s position and then conflate critics of his campaign together without making any clear distinctions (who are the puppy-kickers, who are the CHORFs or whatever?).

Massive double standards are a major impediment to a dialogue. If I stretch my empathy muscles and think “I can see why puppy supporters would be upset by X” then I can’t help but notice the corresponding reaction.

Secondly the incredible shifting sands of what-puppies-is-all-about. If a prominent puppy says it is X and then people say Puppies-was-about-X, a different prominent puppy then says how-dare-they-say-it-is-about-X-it-was-never-about-X. It is about ideology and then no it isn’t about ideology, it is about puppies seeing past awards as affirmative-action-for-women and no it isn’t about gender or diversity (and how dare people ever suggest it is), it is about pulp-v-literary fiction and no that is a terrible lie by a journalist (but, but Brad just said…), it is about getting crossover parts of the genre like romance-SF involved, no it is the exact opposite it is about keeping SF pure and all blue-SF etc etc.

And no, it is not a problem that a general movement has internal disagreements but…those aren’t INTERNAL disagreements. When I visit the assorted puppy strongholds of the web there is nothing (or very little) in terms of one prominent puppy saying the other is wrong about X or Y. John C Wright doesn’t say Brad T or Larry C is wrong about the pulp thing. No, it is all directed OUTWARDS. We (i.e. the people who who have ever said anything on the issue and aren’t aligned with puppies) are somehow all wrong about what puppies is all about.

So what can I conclude other than puppies isn’t about anything?

Reading habits and demographics: a round up

This post is primarily just a place to gather some facts and figures on a related topic to others I have been discussing. How do reading habits differ by gender and other demographics? I am off in search of some numbers.

First stop (as with Petunias) is the Pew Research Center.

This table from that report gives an extensive background by a number of demographic indicators.

Several things to note. People are still reading and all ages are reading in the USA. E-books are important but print is still big. Women do read more than men but men do read a lot. Young people are reading and all ethnicities (of those listed) are reading. There is a relationship between income and the proportion of people who read regularly but even the lowest income bracket contains a large proportion of people who read regularly.

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A warning from the future

[In which our hero learns the future fate of the Sad Puppy campaign and discovers a list of the Puppy Slates of the future]

I had been sitting in the small library in the south wing of Felapton Hall, perusing the annals of the Felapton estate in my set of antique Kindles, when I was jarred from my studies by a sudden ache in my ankle. Such an ache could mean one of two things – either my gout had returned or there was a disturbance in the space-time continuum.

I jumped to my feet, which displaced Timothy the talking cat from my lap and sent him scurrying up the pile of dusty Kobo’s at my feet, where he perched complaining loudly about something called “Jade Helm”. As always I ignored both the cat and the pain in my ankle and strode purposely to the croquet-green. It has been my long experience that temporal occurrences are most apt to happen in the vicinity of sporting activities. It is for this reason that I had been dispatched to Australia only recently to ensure that a time-displaced troop of Varangian guard did not slaughter the Collingwood Australian-Rules Football team under a mistaken belief that they were the hereditary enemies of the Emperor of Byzantium.

Sure enough as I approached the exquisitely manicured turf of the croquet green, I could smell the heady scent of burnt grass and tachyons. A late 23rd century chronoPrius had manifested itself and all the visual evidence suggested that it had arrived without sufficient due care and attention to the vagaries of the space-time vortex.

The hatch cracked open and a chrononaut part-stepped and part collapsed out of the opening. [Timothy advises that I should say “a beautiful chronoatrix” so readers are not too alarmed when I reveal shortly that the chrononaut was a woman. Instead I’m placing this brief note here so that any sensitive minds can anticipate this revelation. Also she wasn’t that beautiful in the circumstances, having just crashed through the time-walls without an adequate temporal-paradox shield] Continue reading “A warning from the future”

Why Guardians?

I mentioned in my last post on Pink SF Puppies the Rabid Puppy’s objection to any vague hint of romance fiction in science fiction.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Even the tank is pink

According to Day, Pink SF has the following qualities and is supposedly the dominant form of SF currently: (edited excepts)

  •  It is ‘necrobestial’ love triangles.
  • It is using the superficial trappings of science fiction to tell ‘goopy, narcissistic female-oriented story’
  • Pink SF primarily concerns a) choosing between two lovers
  • b) being true to yourself,
  • c) enacting ex post facto revenge upon the badthinkers and meanies who made the author feel bad about herself at school
  • Pink SF is about feelings rather than ideas or actions.

He contrasts it with “Blue SF” which is supposedly like this:

  • avoids strong independent female protagonists
  • avoids sexual equality, salutes la difference

    Yes - it is like the colour coded the two movies to make this post easier
    Yes – it is like they color coded the two movies to make this post easier
  • doesn’t deign to throw bones to women
  • shows disdain for [I’m being polite] to ‘every idiot of either sex who whines about it being too this or not enough that’
  • does not apologize for being male, for being insufficiently inclusive, or for refusing to fall in line with the dynamic demand for character quotas concerning sex, race, religion, and sexual preferences.

So here is a thing. This year two movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe were nominated for a Hugo: Captain America: Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Captain America was the non-Puppy pick (why? because it was a great movie)
[warning some spoilers below the fold]

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Pink SF and Puppies

It is easy to see the puppies as an amorphous block – a single set of uniform beliefs held by all the main puppy leaders informing their every action. That would be an error though and even a cursory glance at the multiple rationales for the SP’s actions shows a great deal of diversity of belief.

In reality the Sad Puppies as a movement have a lot in common with the tradition of populist movements in the United States. Such movements often make significant political gains with a show of apparent unity, only to seemingly evaporate when the various agendas, personalities and ideologies of key players in the movement assert themselves.

So it shouldn’t be surprising to see quite different viewpoints on the roll of women ad the intersection between SF and Romance genres.

pink puppies
Pink Puppies – apologies to Artraccoon

The most extreme examples can be found by contrasting statements from some Sad Puppies with those of Rabid Puppies.

Here is Amanda on The Mad Genius Club:

he fear that someone who writes fantasy with a distinct romance bent might be nominated, much less win was so over the top. It was as if those making the complaint truly believes science fiction and fantasy are still pure genres. Obviously they haven’t read much lately. If they had, they would see that there is genre crossing all around. Yes, you can, with a lot of searching, find a pure hard science fiction novel, but they are few and far between. Fantasy has, for years, had some aspect of mystery or romance or the like in it. The mixing of genres, when done well, is a good thing.

I’ll repeat that, mixing of genres when done well is a good thing.

Contrast with Vox Day’s attitude:

Pink SF is the dominant form of science fiction today. Or rather, more properly, the currently dominant form of SyFy. It is necrobestial love triangles. It is using the superficial trappings of science fiction or fantasy or war fiction to tell exactly the same sort of goopy, narcissistic female-oriented story that has already been told in ten thousand Harlequin novels and children’s tales and Hollywood comeuppance fantasies.

Pink SF primarily concerns a) choosing between two lovers, b) being true to yourself, or c) enacting ex post facto revenge upon the badthinkers and meanies who made the author feel bad about herself at school. Pink SF is about feelings rather than ideas or actions.

Pink SF is an invasion. Pink SF is a cancer. Pink SF is a parasitical perversion.

For Day/Beale it as if even the mere hint of something ‘girly’ will contaminate his reading and render it unclean in the manner of some clause in Leviticus.

What is notable is at this point pro-Romance Sad Puppies are not directing their ire at anti-Romance (actually anti-any hint of romance) Rabid Puppies. Long term these differences lead to populist movements  dividing and mutating.

[Note on image: apologies to the artist Artraccoon for the parody of his excellent Puppy logos. I can’t say there is much I like about either camp but the logos were excellent. Note also that I can only draw beagles – I’ve a very limited range]