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  • Reason Hell Special: Bad parsimony

    I should ration my visits to John C Wright’s blog but it is such a great source of material. He has written a long post on Theism versus Atheism: http://www.scifiwright.com/2015/07/theist-v-atheist/ It’s…well notable if not original. The strongest argument in favor of one model over another is how much it explained, how clearly, without recourse to […]


  • More on Wright being wrong.

    A real life reader questioned whether I was being unfair to Wright by decontextualizing what he wrote and leaping on what may have been Wright misspeaking i.e. that Wright was trying to say that the left things the world is perfectible rather than perfect. I thought Iā€™d return to his essay and look at that […]

  • (W)Right Confusion

    There is a very odd review of Bat Girl Year One on Hugo Award Nominated* John C Wright’s blog here http://www.scifiwright.com/2015/07/how-to-ruin-batgirl/ Did I say odd? I meant to say predictable. He dislikes it because he smells feminism – who’d have thought feminism might turn up in a story about young woman who decided to fight […]

  • The Puppy Kerfuffle: Winners and Losers

    No, not a Hugo Awards reviewer but a reviewer of the extended art installation/interactive game/aesthetic stoush/book rebellion/fandom vandalisation known as the Puppy Kerfuffle. My summation of the winners and losers in the whole thing – ignoring, of course, the actual winners and losers of the Hugo Awards. Winners Alexandra Erin: http://www.alexandraerin.com/ her playful and insightful […]

  • More more morlocks!

    It is like a big party at John C Wright’s house and everybody is invited! Congratulations to Anne S, Matt Y, Stevie, Laura R and Octavia on being granted this singular honor. Previous recipients here and here.

  • The Important Hugo John C Wright Poll

    Well not that important at all really. This is actually just an excuse to experiment with the poll function in WordPress. So, below are the Hugo nominated works of John C Wright. Vote for the best one or the least worst if ‘best’ is too tricky.

  • Demoted :(

    I am no longer as high in the ranks of Morlockhood. John C Wright has elevated a commenter on File770 to supreme morlock. http://www.scifiwright.com/2015/06/reviewer-praise-for-transhuman-and-subhuman/ Timothy and I must try harder.

  • The Aslan, the warlock and the cupboard: more on One Bright Star: [Updated][Updated a bit more+]

    [There is an interesting alternate view of Tybalt from a fan of Wright here] [I’m putting some additional Tybalt opinions at the end] It is a rule of blogging that a blog in search of hits must blog on the topics that have received hits. Such is the way of the blog. The recent posts […]

  • Puppy reaction to Sandifer v Day: [Updated]

    [Update: surprisingly John C Wright has mentioned this post on his own blog. I have been anointed the rank of “Magic Morlock”: scifiwright.com. Yeah, MAGIC morlock.] You may need to read this post first to understand the background. El Sandifer has published the transcript to her pod-cast discussion with arch-Rabid Puppy Vox Day. The discussion […]

  • A rant about puppies born of frustration

    A prelude to the post: I had been thinking about a few blog projects to try [a mathsy/stats/logic thing, a book review with politics thing, a stupid reactive-fiction-author-as-character thing] when the Puppy Kerfuffle began and I found I was commenting on the ‘net again having taken a sanity-hiatus for awhile. So as some comments on […]