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  • Retro-Blog: The Parliament of Cheese and Curds

    Reposting this June 2015 fable about cheese (and the first appearance of a talking cat). With apologies to John C Wright’s Parliament of Beasts and Birds. The dairy products gathered, one by one, outside the final city of People, furtive, curious, and slightly odd smelling. All was dark. In the west was a blood-red sunset […]


  • A Voyage Round The Kerfuffle Sea While Watching Star Wars 7

    I linked to a positive review of the new Star Wars by Brad Torgersen in my last round-up and over at File770 I was discussing John C Wright’s negative review. There seems to be a real difference of opinion on the film that divides between Sad and Rabid and I’m wondering to what extent a […]

  • The Appaling Views of John C Wright on Islam – a study in error

    John C Wright has written a piece here on Islam and history. It really is very bad but it is also quite nasty – I sometimes see Wright as just harmless but it is worth remembering how nasty his rhetoric can be. Being wrong is one thing, being wrong for the purpose of trying to […]

  • What am I’m reading: The Golden Age by John C Wright

    Frequently cited as his best book (or perhaps grudgingly the books of his that were once good), I bought this in a fit of peversity at the start of the infamous ‘Tor Boycott‘ on the grounds that it was published by Tor and by a noted Sad Puppy. So far, not awful. Definitely Wright – […]

  • JCW’s Joe Doakes Challenge

    Our occasional blog-muse, John C Wright has offered a challenge. After listing Hugo Award winners for Best Novel in two time periods he says this: Here is the Joe Doakes Challenge, for those bold enough to take it. Get out a pencil and make a not, for both lists, these three things: (1) Which works […]

  • No, seriously, stop Camestros…

    Well, part of what I wanted to do with this blog is look at evidence, logic and cognitive errors. I ended up talking a lot about the Hugo Awards and that meant reading an awful lot of John C Wright. It turns out that John writes posts that are like mini-case studies for the non-SF/F […]

  • The love affair is over…[UPDATED]

    [JCW has since replied very graciously noting that he was in error – I’ve appended his message at the end] So I sort of got embroiled in a couple of threads over at John C Wright’s blog: http://www.scifiwright.com/2015/07/conspiracy-or-code-of-conduct/ and http://www.scifiwright.com/2015/07/a-question-about-the-global-warming-hoax/ And things went all a bit global warmingy over there for awhile. I have to […]

  • Reason Hell special: Scares and authority

    As anybody reading this blog may have noticed, I’m having a nice old chat with John C Wright about global warming. I’m sticking the global warming replies here but there is another issue in Wright’s post that I’m pulling out separately and which is best exemplified by this paragraph. The hoax was clear from the […]

  • More on Wright and Global Warming

    So I’ve been busy typing replies here http://www.scifiwright.com/2015/07/a-question-about-the-global-warming-hoax/ …but now I keep getting a “Blacklisted as spam message” 😦 Here is what I wrote in replies

  • Global Warming [Updated]

    OK I said I wouldn’t go and read John C Wright’s blog but whenever I talk to Timothy the Talking Cat I feel a need to check out what is going on there. Wright has posted a message related to a claim made by Steven Goddard who is a Climate Change denialist of an odd […]