Review: The Annihilation Score

The Annihilation Score is the latest in Charle’s Stross’s Laundry novels. As with the previous it is a mix of humor targeted at modern office practices (PowerPoint, line management, HR) with a Lovercraftian backstory (gibbering demons from another dimension, eldritch summonings) and a spy-thriller aesthetic (shadowy government intelligence agency, safe houses, codenames). The early Laundry novels worked as a deliberate pastiche of a given spy-novel sub genre (Len Deighton, James Bond) but this and the previous novel have headed in new directions. The Rhesus Chart took a stab at urban-fantasy and vampires and the Annihilation Score targets the superhero genre. Continue reading “Review: The Annihilation Score”

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The latest in Charles Stross’s Laundry Novels picks up where the previous one (The Rhesus Chart) left over but with a shift in perspective.

Rather than Bob Howard (the protagonist of all the previous Laundry tales) the narrator is Dominique O’Brien P.h.d – mathematician, secret agent of the occult Laundry agency and wielder of a demonic violin aka Mo, Bob’s wife from the previous novels.

Apparently people in the US have to wait until the Fourth of July holidays are over.

A review when I have finished.