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  • Climbing Back Out of a Gavin Wince Rabbit Hole

    Yesterday’s entry in the Museum of Right-Wing Gadgets was the oddly named Qux® box. Normally with those pieces, I would spend some time on the background of the significant people. However, the Qux® is such an odd nebulous thing that it naturally had an odd nebulous entry. Having finished the entry, I thought I’d spend […]


  • A map for modern times

    People ask me how I find my way around the confusing and hateful sections of the internet. Naturally I have a map.

  • On the Right & Civilisations

    This is a rewrite of a Tweet thread that started here: However, Tweets aren’t a great medium for the point I was trying to make, so I’m making it more essay-like here. “Western Civilisation” or “Judeo-Christian civilisation” are almost content-free markers in right wing discourse these days. In both cases, there is a fundamental incoherence […]

  • The Esteemed Guild of Plagiarists

    I was reading about this recent scandal in the world of pen-and-paper adventures The short version is video game company Bethesda released material as part of a promotion for The Elder Scrolls Online. Unfortunately, said material was clearly a find-replace job on previous published Dungeons and Dragons adventure. The examples in this article […]

  • It’s cosmological arguments all the way down

    For those keeping score not only has Inaugural Dragon Award Winner for Best Horror Novel Not to Feature an Actual Horror Novel, Brian Niemeier got a new post about the existence of god up ( ) but in a outbreak of morphic resonance John C Wright has a post up about the cosmological argument as […]

  • Reading Molyneux So You Don’t Have to: Free Will

    As we’ve seen, Molyneux has a confused conception of truth, a confident but incoherent conception of reality and a evangelical Christian’s dislike of his own chosen position on god i.e. atheism. To be fair to Molyneux, those first two subjects are challenging ones that have bamboozled thinkers for millennia. In most circumstances judging the quality […]

  • Reading Molyneux so you don’t have to: God

    Haunting Stefan Molyneux’s attempt to write a book on philosophy is Ayn Rand. Objectivism and Rand get no mention in Molyneux’s book and nor should either of them in a serious general introduction to philosophy. Rand was not a competent philosopher but she provides a model against which right-wing thinkers might judge themselves. Part of […]

  • More on Population denial

    Caught in the trash filter was a reply from our long lost pal Phantom about Sarah Hoyt’s weird wold-population figure denial. It was better than normal and raises some weak but interesting points. With very little to go on for what the arguments for World Population Denial might be, I’ll need to go with Phantom’s […]

  • Waving at reality from a safe distance

    My plan was to return to this today — the claim that the human population of the Earth is substantially less than 7 billion. Before we get to the main course I learnt something that was only a little surprising: the crypto-fascist and terrorist-supporter Vox Day is into moon-landing conspiracy theories. The links are at […]

  • Reading Molyneux so you don’t have to: Reality

    An adjective can work at least a couple of ways. It can distinguish a particular instance/subset of a group of things (e.g. red car – a specific car that is red) or it can highlight a property that is true of the noun in general (e.g. red Mars – Mars is red). The context and […]