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  • A Special Comission for Brian Z (based on an original idea by Dave F.)

    I couldn’t manage a direct pastiche of John Harris’s covers but why not just have a cover based on the core idea of an army of tea drinking, AI-controlled zombie ancillary walruses?

  • A Special Comission for Dave Freer

    Dave Freer at Mad Genius Club has made some fun suggestions for other Walrus themed book covers. Margaret Attwood would be another perfect example as she has gifted disdain for sf as ‘squids in space’ and has frequently publicly displayed complete ignorance of what she sneers at. They’d be well suited to your ‘jest’ and […]


  • Timothy TTC Updates on Cattimothy House

    Timothy the Talking Cat writes: I was browsing the Amazon Author Rank pages today and this output caught my eye. Clearly Cattimothy House is connecting readers who have been long disenfranchised by the lamestream publishing houses. Congratulations to everybody, in particular me. [Update by Camestros Felapton: aside from the more obvious clues that Timothy […]

  • Walrus: BEYOND!

    Is Star Trek ripping off Timothy’s publicity campaign? Um, no.

  • There Will Be Barnes and Noble Nook Walrus

    Now available for Nooks it would seem.

  • Apple Books – There Will Be Walrus

    Timothy engages further with the leviathan of capitalism as There Will Be Walrus now becomes available via Apple Book Store. Finely tuned for perusal on your Apple device. This version comes with specially Apple produced pixels and is a must for collectors.

  • There Will Be Walrus – Second book trailer

    The marketing campaign continues apace.  

  • There *IS* Walrus

    Now available from Smashwords, until they decide it is too embarrassing even for them, There Will Be Walrus First Volume V. Crafted from the finest pixels and using exquisite fonts and typographical metadata, There Will Be Walrus is the ground breaking anthology series from Cattimothy House – the world’s leading publisher of feline edited […]

  • There Will Be Walrus FAQ

    This book looks interesting. What is it all about? There Will Be Walrus First Volume V is an anthology of Military Science Fiction and political commentary. OK, sounds great. Thanks. Do you have any other questions? Um, no. I’m fine thanks. Well have a nice day then. Just have to hang out here for a […]

  • There Will Be Walrus – Book trailer