Space Warp

I haven’t done a video for awhile – mainly because Final Cut Pro has a tendency to fill my laptop hard drive up after a few teeny-tiny projects.

Anyway, made a particle exhaust in Cheetah, made a freaky Dr Who ish swirly background thing in a silly app called Pixel Toy and finally made a groovy tune with an Android Phone app called Music Maker Jam. That last app is basically a collection of loops which you can stitch together – so ‘cheating’ 🙂

Pyschedelic space age fun. If I ever get time I’ll make that space ship do a few more things.

A space-station in space!

Well I discovered quite how long it would take to render a few seconds of 3D animation on my laptop with Cheetah3D: a lonnggg time. So long that I got bored before it managed the full ten seconds. More immediately exciting was adding a new very SF title card in Final Cut Pro – SPAAAAAAAACCCE!!!!! Annoying music courtesy of the DM1 drum machine app.