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  • Not sure I should drink this…

  • Sunday Beer: Urbanaut Beer Blender

    So here is an oddly tall can with a confusing description. Is it black forest stout or espresso scotch ale? Maybe I should look on the back. Can A? Can B? Hmm “PULL TAB”… I guess I should pull the tab then… It’s two cans!

  • Beers and Hugos: what to pair with your novel finalists

    Beers and Hugos: what to pair with your novel finalists

    Beer, books and more beer…but which goes with which?

  • Sunday Beer: Dump the Trump

    Behemoth Brewery in New Zealand have made some nice beers and they also have some neat labels. This is actually their second anti-Trump themed beer. They previously had an Im-peach-ment Sour Ale which I haven’t tried (and it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea).

  • Sunday Beer: Mash & Vanilla

    The copy on the back of the can suggests this beer is a complex interplay of subtle flavours. In fact it was a big brick of alcohol hitting you in the back of the head. An expensive brick as well.

  • Sunday Beer: Pillars of Light Pina Colada Milkshake IPA

    This Norwegian beer was quite pleasant despite the disgusting premise of the title. It was more of a fruity aftertaste to a more standard IPA than a pina colada milkshake. I carefully peeled off the label from the can so that I could take a picture of the artwork but I forgot to take a […]


  • Sunday Beer: A choice of dubious taste

    In more ways than one but it was on special. A cheap case of beers to keep the various souls stuck in our pandemic bunker sufficiently lubricated. The major Australian alcohol retailer I bought them from has a range of restrictions in place: “Outlined below are SIX category limits. You can buy from up to […]

  • No, no don’t eat that*

    Life has no meaning. All the rules have gone. Cadbury Creme Egg ice cream. Actually, it was fine. A bit dull really. I was hoping for a gooey yellow inside but it was just white and yellow ice cream. *[Not an April fool per-se except that I was foolish to eat this and it is […]

  • Sunday Beer: Batsquatch Hazy IPA

    I couldn’t find a quarantine themed beer, so here is a cryptid themed one from the USA. The batsquatch wasn’t invented for the beer but is a rumoured creature from the environs of Mount St Helens

  • No, no, don't drink that: creaming soda Pepsi

    I had to. It was part of a magical quest. I think in the UK we’d say “cream soda” but in Australia they say “creaming soda”, which really sounds worse. In neither country do we usually call things “soda” apart from baking soda which is something else altogether.