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  • Timothy’s Alternative MCU Running Order

    Good evening movie watching people everywhere. It is I, Timothy the Talking Cat, editor, writer, gourmand, and counselour of the cinematic arts. Was it not the great Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès himself who once said “Sacre-bleu a talking cat! If only I had ze talking pictures I could make a film of this but instead I stick this […]


  • Tentacled Victorians – The Intelligentsia

    The judicious use of facial hair and masking the inky obscurity of cephlapodic thinking behind a mask of dialectical materialism, could also prove to be an effective disguise.

  • Tentacled Victorians

    Rumors that Queen Victoria herself was a squid monster were unfounded. Photographic evidence shows she was an octopus-monster not a squid monster.

  • Squid Monsters of Victorian London – the armed forces

  • Further Squid Monsters of Victorian London

    In some cases the psychic perception filters would be transcended by portraiture.

  • Squid Monsters of Victorian London

    By the later stages of Britain’s Industrial Revolution, squid monsters had become more adept at blending in unnoticed. [Original gent borrowed from here ]