Semiprozine Update

So some addenda etc.

Fireside: the link at Semiprozine was out of date. Correct link (as confirmed with Fireside) is

Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destoyer got a lot of love from Sad Puppies last cycle but was ineligible because it was dated 2015. You can read it here it is fun.

Lightspeed: I listed in the last round-up but the nice people at Semiprozine Directory (who I’m relying on for the list) say that it now counts as professional.

Going back even further to early November, Apex is now also listed as Professional.

The inadvertently Puppy nominated Australians know as Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine is still active but their website is currently having something done to it and isn’t available to February it seems.

So yeah, semiprozines – a moving target 🙂

Semiprozine: I, (J),K, L & (M)

  • Ideomancer
  • Interzone
  • Kaleidotrope
  • Lackington’s
  • Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet
  • Lightspeed Magazine
  • LONTAR: Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction
  • Luna Station Quarterly

Onwards into the alphabet of semiprozanity.


Some neat fiction and poetry

This story really struck me “The Changeling and the Sun”, by Lee S. Hawke


Venerable, long-running British SF magazine with famous name contributors like Jeff Noon


The usual mix – fiction and poetry. Nothing grabbed me immediately but this story was ok


Lackington’s is an online magazine that publishes speculative fiction and art four times a year. We want to help widen the space for prose poetry. We’re looking for stylized prose. Not inept purple prose, of course, but controlled and well-crafted wordsmithery that reflects the story, setting, theme, atmosphere, or philosophy it seeks to describe.

For example

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet

Their server was down when I visited but I’ve been there before and I’m sure it is active.


Popular magazine with lots of famous names, new fiction and reprints.


LONTAR is the world’s only biannual literary journal focusing on Southeast Asian speculative fiction. The journal was founded in 2012, in order to spread awareness of this literature to readers who might not normally be exposed to it, and to celebrate its existence and diversity within the region.

No story links but here are the author’s comments on an interesting story

Luna Station Quarterly

 Luna Station Quarterly is a speculative fiction magazine featuring stories by emerging women authors. Now in our 6th year!

As it says, mainly stories by newer writers, some reprints.

Semiprozine: E, F, G & H

Onward, ever onward through the lands of the chimeric beasts that neither ‘pro’ nor ‘fan’ but ‘semipro’!

  • Expanded Horizons
  • Fantasy Scroll
  • Flash Fiction Online
  • The Future Fire
  • GigaNotoSaurus
  • Grimdark Magazine
  • Holdfast Magazine

Expanded Horizons

The mission of this webzine is to increase diversity in the field of speculative fiction, both in the authors who contribute and in the perspectives presented. We feature speculative fiction stories and artwork, as well as essays about speculative fiction and fandom from diverse points of view.

An eclectic mix of stories. A curious variation on Snow White here

Fantasy Scroll

A bi-monthly fiction magazine and also a blog:

Flash Fiction Online

I do like sites with self-explanatory titles – this one has flash fiction and it is online. A lot of the content is SF/F but not all of it e.g. this neat story about a Nigerian man by Okafor Emmanuel Tochukwu

The Future Fire

The Future Fire is open to submissions of beautiful and useful short stories of Social-political and Progressive Speculative Fiction; Feminist SF; Queer SF; Eco SF; Multicultural SF; Cyberpunk. An experiment in and celebration of new writing, we shall publish issues whenever we have enough stories to fill them, approximately four times a year.

And sort of really retro web page design 🙂 And here is a story about a rice goddess


GigaNotoSaurus (the webzine, edited by Rashida J. Smith) publishes one longish fantasy or science fiction story monthly. Longish meaning longer than a short story, and shorter than a novel.

A handy source for novellas and novelettes! Didn’t finish reading this story set in a industrial but magical England  because a bird got in the house but I do mean to go back and carry on reading it 🙂

Grimdark Magazine

Is this a semiprozine? Looks professional and seems to be associated with Gollancz publishing but does say “As with all positions at GdM, this is a volunteer role.” in a job advert, so I’d say that clinches it! 🙂


Holdfast Magazine

Holdfast is a free, quarterly, speculative fiction magazine that explores all things fantastic. We interpret speculative fiction as an umbrella term for Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Utopian, Urban fantasy, Alt History, Dystopian, Apocalyptic, Post-apocalyptic…and as many odd, weird and bizarre variations herein.

Won Best Magazine in the 2015 British Fantasy Society Awards.  Fiction and non-fiction.


Not listed

  • Escape Pod: because it’s a podcast and I’m lazy
  • Fireside Magazine: Maybe it is just my browser but the URL leads to a blank page (and there is nothing in the page source either)
  • Goblin Fruit: Has a gorgeous looking website but the last issue was Fall 2014 (as far as I can tell and I’ve been wrong before!) but seriously have a look at that elaborate page design.



Semiprozine Round-Up: Cs and Ds [Updated]

Keeping on going in the Cs and Ds of semiprozines.

  • The Cascadia Subduction Zone
  • The Colored Lens
  • Crossed Genres Magazine
  • Daily Science Fiction
  • The Dark Magazine
  • Diabolical Plots

The Cascadia Subduction Zone

The CSZ aims to treat work by women as vital and central rather than marginal. What we see, what we talk about, and how we talk about it matters. Seeing, recognizing, and understanding is what makes the world we live in. And the world we live in is, itself, a sort of subduction zone writ large.”

Framed in terms of being a literary magazine with essays and reviews. Full issues are availble online

[ETA] The Colored Lens:

[I messed up somewhere earlier and said this only had issues up to 2014 but it is still very active. Apologies to The Colored Lens people. Sorry!]

Publishes four to five short stories per quarter. Issues available online.

The Colored Lens #16 – Summer 2015

Crossed Genres Magazine

Magazine of a small-press publisher. Stories and reviews. Latest issue takes the pro-noun thing to new levels including this story in which personal pronouns are replaced by numbers indicating your position in a social hierarchy

Daily Science Fiction

Does what it says on the tin. One story a day Mondays to Thursdays, mainly flash fiction. In this one a woman attempts to kill a god

The Dark Magazine

Magical realism and horror and other stuff

Diabolical Plots

A general SF/F magazines: reviews + news but also publishes stories. Notable for running the Kickstarter for the ‘Hugo Longlist Anthology’ – a collection of the stuff pushed off the ballot by the Puppy slates.

Not listed:

The Colored Lens: last issue was in 2014 [My stuff up. Still very active]

Drabblecast because I’m not doing podcast to make my life easier.

More Semiprozines

I’ll never get to look at all on the Semi-prozine directory at this rate! Certainly never going to get to look at many in depth 😦

So onto the Bs. Blackgate is apparently a Fanzine not a Semiprozine according to Matthew David Surridge who stopped by File770 for a chat. In a previous post I also knocked out Bastion and BlackStatic.

That leaves:

Bard and Sages: not much to go on from the website other than the general description and cover images.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies: A magazine specializing in secondary world fantasy fiction. Some nice stuff e.g. this story about an assassin having issues trying to assassinate somebody
Was nominated (slate-free) for a Hugo in 2015.

Betwixt: The latest issue has this wonderfully creepy eco-horror story called Thirst a story strong enough to make me want to read more of the magazine.

The Book Smugglers: oh, nominated in 2014 for best FANzine. So off the semiprozine list.
I wrote to The Book Smugglers and they say they are a Semiprozine – so hoorah for them 🙂 Primarily a review site for SF and YA fiction.

Bull Spec: The site has an active and regular review blog with a varied selection of books reviewed. Magazine is primarily regular columns and reviews.

Ha! Bs defeated!

Semiprozine Round-Up: Shortening the List

Still working on this

I’ve visited five sites and haven’t read a complete edition of any one of them. There are 54 on the semiprozine directory list so I’ve looked at about 10%.

So here are some I’m definitely not doing:


Review: Semi-prozine Round Up: Aurealis

Still continuing looking but I can’t help noticing that it is December already and I’ve only just reached the end of A and so far all I’ve been doing is looking at the free stuff you can find on the semiprozine’s website. Sigh.

Anyway to Aurealis – which I’d assumed was a professional magazine. An active Australian SF/F magazine which also organizes the Aurealis Awards – an Australian SF/F award

Some archived sample stories are available: