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  • Gargoyles Rewatch Part 4: Season 3 – The Goliath Chronicles

    It too me longer to finish the thirteen episodes of season 3 than the 53 episodes of season2. It’s not that the final season is bad but rather the show had all its momentum removed. Season 2 ended with all of the main story arcs completed. The Gargoyles were back in their castle. Xanatos was […]

  • Gargoyles Rewatch: Part 3 – Season 2 episodes 24 to 52

    The previous thirty-six episodes of Gargoyles had established the show as having a duel setting: a futuristic 1990s New York and fantasy 900s Scotland. Occasionally the show would dip into stories about organised crime and there were hints of a bigger plot line about the illuminati, but most stories fell into the mix of medieval […]

  • Gargoyles Rewatch: Part 2 – Season 2 episodes 1 to 24

    My initial plan was one post per season under the naive assumption that season 2 was a similar length to season 1. That was a very foolish assumption. Season 2 has fifty two episodes, enough for one episode per week for a year and far too much to summarise. However, there is a distinct shift […]

  • Gargoyles Rewatch: Part 1 – Season 1

    Disney’s attempt at a kid’s cartoon built around merchandising but with higher production values, signalled it’s storytelling ambitions from the start. The first season starts with a five part origin story for the titular heroes, following them from Scotland in 994 AD to a New York that is sort of 1994 and sort of near […]

  • Rewatching Gargoyles: Part 0

    Was it the impact of cable television or was it the slow impact of VHS but significant changes happened to the world of mass-market kids cartoons in the late eighties and early nineties. The basic fundamentals of creating shows which would cross-promote toys and other media franchises (movies, comic books) and which could be recycled […]

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