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  • Firefly Friday: Finally Riding Off Into The Sunset

    I’ve still lots of thoughts but I must bring things to an end. Where is the central magic of Firefly as a series? How did it capture and maintain such an intense position within fandom despite multiple flaws, mangled broadcast history and a too-early cancellation? Cancellation itself is part of the answer. The near cancellation […]


  • Firefly Friday: Riding off into the sunset part 2

    In part 1 I talked about some of the clear flaws with Firefly and some of the weaker aspects of the show. I also want to talk about some of the elements that either surprised me or, I believe, would have changed if the show had lasted longer. With a show like Buffy the Vampire […]

  • Firefly Friday: Riding off into the sunset Part 1

    I’ve watched all of Firefly, which is an easier task than other notable sci-fi series. It’s going to take a few posts to sum up what I think. I’ll point out some weak points first. The negatives The Western setting doesn’t work. When it is applied strongly, it is “western” in a style that feels […]

  • Firefly Friday: Serenity (2005)

    Cancelled during its first and only season, Firefly got a brief second chance to wrap up its story in the form of a feature film. The cinematic style suits the show and even the intentionally functional interior sets of the Serenity look more convincing. To info dump the plot on people new to the show, […]

  • Firefly Friday: Ep 14 Objects in Space

    There is not a season finale for Firefly the TV show or perhaps there are several. In the original broadcast sequence, the pilot episode Serenity was shown last, rounding off the series with the beginning of the narrative. War Stories was the last proper episode prior to that. That’s the one where the gangster from […]

  • Firefly Friday: Ep 13 Heart of Gold

    Disney’s Book of Boba Fett recently took on its own version of a space-western. Inspired more by spaghetti westerns, the approach included just dumping into a nominal space-opera background the aesthetics of Sergio Leone. Rather than try to force it to make sense, the inclusion of scenes like the Lee Van Cleef-like Cad Bane in […]

  • Firefly Friday: Ep 12 The Message

    A rather grim episode after the hi-jinx (and naked bottom) of the previous episode. Like the previous episode, there is a lot going on but most of it doesn’t hang together well. At a space station, Mal receives a large crate in the mail. Inside the crate, Zoe and Mal find the body of a […]

  • Firefly Friday: Ep 11 Trash

    AKA the one with Nathan Fillon’s bum. Another heist episode, this one written by Ben Edlund (who wrote Jaynestown) and Jose Molina (who wrote Ariel) — all promising signs. It’s even more of a heist episode than previously because we have layers of deception and counter-betrayals going on. To add to the promise, Christina Hendricks […]

  • Firefly Friday: Ep 10 War Stories

    Wash decides to be jealous of Zoe’s relationship with Mal for reasons that are not wholly out of character but do appear to be there just to make the plot work. The setup is a little forced but what we are going to get is a bit more continuity than usual. On their way to […]

  • Firefly Friday: Ep 9 Ariel

    One thing about the earlier episodes was that Firefly didn’t really have a default plot style to fall back on. That’s not a bad thing in itself and TV shows that have one (e.g. monster of the week style shows like The X-Files or Buffy) move away from the default. The second episode (or first […]