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  • I watched Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw

    And so closes my adventure, although I shall endeavour a post later summarising my experience. To close this sequence of movies that are nominally about the illegal street racing culture of young urban Americans, let me say three words: Bionic Idris Elba. Words that you can utter in dark times, like a hobbit shouting at […]

  • I Watched Fate of the Furious (F&F8)

    We are nearly at the end of the race but this one left me feeling dissatisfied. The action scenes were as exciting and as ludicrous as normal. The actors all did their things and yet the film fell flat. With any other film I might conclude that it was the plot that was lacking but […]

  • I watched Furious 7

    Having watched too many, I liked this one. It has many of the same flaws as the previous films, it is overlong, it has juvenile obsession with dancing women in bikinis, the story makes no sense and it has a B-plot that eats the main plot. And yet… Last time I laid it on thick […]

  • I watched Furious 6

    Do not say that you did not anticipate this! In the previous film, our heroes passed from the mortal world to the land of youth (or variously, Avalon, Faerie, Tír na nÓg, or Hy Brasil) after passing a series of trials by the supernatural being known as “Hobbs”. We meet the heroes again at the […]

  • I Watched Fast Five

    There is a distinction between movies that don’t make sense but intend to and movies that do not care whether they make sense or not. In the first case, plot holes or under explained motivations are aesthetic failures. In the second case we might choose to dismiss the whole style of film as nonsensical but […]

  • I watched Fast & Furious

    Four movies in and they decide to make a sequel to the first movie. On the way they make the fourth movie a sort of prequel to the third movie. It’s not that the films so far are unconnected but rather that they connect in unconventional and non-narrative ways. We start with another truck robbery […]

  • I watched the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

    Now here is where things get interesting. Not interesting in terms of script or cinematography or acting but interesting in that you really have to turn to Wikipedia or fan diagrams to work out what this film has to do with the other films in the franchise. However, I’m trying to treat these films as […]

  • I watched 2Fast, 2Furious

    The story so far. Curious about how a bloated film franchise spawned, I watched the first Fast and Furious movie, having never watched any of the films before. The initial film is an odd beast, partly based on an article in Vibe magazine entitled Racer X ( ). That article makes its own interesting connection […]

  • I watched The Fast and the Furious for the first time

    There appear to be a lot of films in the Fast and the Furious franchise and only a global pandemic has paused their proliferation. There is a point where natural curiosity overcomes my overall lack of interest in cars. So if I have to start somewhere then it makes sense to start at the first […]

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