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  • Ockham, the neo-Thomist right and transgender rights

    Micael Gustavsson asked a good question in the previous post and my reply got so long that I thought it should be a post instead. [A caveat – I’m not an expert on Medieval philosophy or Ockham but I have been to Surrey. Any philosophy professors or expert on the theology of the middle ages […]

  • More voices of god

    OK, I appreciate that this is a very, very, very narrow interest of mine but the comment thread on Vox Day’s blog about whether Muslims worship the same god as Christians is something I’ve found to be fascinating reading.

  • Is Martin Freeman Lucy Liu? (and other theological questions)

     In the US a Christian college is sanctioning a member of its staff who asserted that Islam worships the same god as Christianity. Apparently this is a controversial notion and at odds with the college’s official doctrine. Now for an atheist the argument is a bit like asking whether Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny lee-Miller both […]

  • The Aslan, the warlock and the cupboard: more on One Bright Star: [Updated][Updated a bit more+]

    [There is an interesting alternate view of Tybalt from a fan of Wright here] [I’m putting some additional Tybalt opinions at the end] It is a rule of blogging that a blog in search of hits must blog on the topics that have received hits. Such is the way of the blog. The recent posts […]