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No, but just one more thing and then I’ll shut up

The thing with the Evan McMullin killed Milo’s Career theory from our Puppy pals that really is bugging me is that it is just really, really, poor story telling. It’s too elaborate as a factual piece (unless, as I noted, moderate conservatives are pathetic at skullduggery) but worse, it’s just really bad as fiction.

No, if we are going to do fiction let us do it properly.

Who benefits specifically, with the timing and the events leading up to Milo’s fall from grace? I’ll credit the Puppies with at least getting you need a specific villain in a fictional story – the story can’t just be ‘people who don’t like nazi punks in general’.

Plotwise, for fiction rather than fact:

  1. You need a bad guy.
  2. It can’t be who you immediately expect.
  3. They have to directly benefit from both Milo’s rise & fall.
  4. When it is revealed, it all has to make sense in retrospect.

Ergo, Steve Bannon did it. I mean not really because we live in a real world where Ockham’s razor cuts such a story to shreds.

Bannon- Breitbart – Milo. Milo was great for Breitbart – stirring up shit, pulling in some angry young men and generally running interference for the alt-Right. But that was then. Bannon is next to the centre of power. Breitbart, which was once on the out fringes of conservatism is now accepted. CPAC will be Bannon’s chance to seal the deal – an alliance between wider conservatism and his own reactionary-nihilism.

Breitbart has a big presence at CPAC this year (in truth as well as in our fiction) and Bannon will appear with Reince Priebus. Donald Trump will give a keynote speech and…well some idiot invites Milo Yiannopolus. Can Bannon ensure Milo behaves? Probably not – after all he’s never needed Milo to behave, he has only ever needed Milo to stir shit. Worse, even Milo does behave at CPAC, everybody knows he has said some crazy shit which would alienate the still sceptical social conservative wing.

Solution (in fictional land): explode the scandal bomb early before it can do any collateral damage to CPAC, Trump, Breitbart or Bannon (that’s in reverse priority order).

Note only three things have actually happened to Milo:

  1. He got disinvited to a conference held by people he doesn’t like.
  2. He lost a book deal with a publisher he doesn’t like
  3. He ‘resigned’ from Breitbart.

Only one of those things looks like a betrayal…

Yeah, but in reality…nope. Events don’t need secret plots or sinister villains.

Is It Still About Fleecing Donors?

During the election, I mentioned that some kind soul had put me on a Trump mailing list (cheers).


Some months after the election and the begging letters are coming at an increased frequency:


Now firstly, as I’m not normally a recipient of US party political fund raising, I don’t know if this kind of frequency of requests for donations is typical. Second, I doubt there is any one kind of explanation for the Trump regime’s behaviour. However, I’d like to suggest that “make as much money as possible out of the 15% reactionary core of the US population as quickly as possible” makes a lot of explanatory sense. That doesn’t mean the other strong hypothesis “destroy the rule of law in screaming howl of hatred torn between the forces of chaos and fascism” is false, just that “…and let’s make a pile of cash out of the rubes while we do it” is a relevant coda.

Meanwhile in Emails

I was told by some conservatives who were at least somewhat unhappy with the idea of Trump, that Hillary’s unsecure email issue absolutely made her unfit for office.

Oddly the email crowd seems to have gone rather quiet in the wake of revelations that senior Whitehouse staff are themselves using a private RNC server for emails. On top of that Trump is using an unsecured Android phone and the POTUS Twitter is apparently linked to an unsecured Gmail account. Finally to top it all, press secretary Sean Spicer appears to be accidently tweeting passwords:

Anyway here are the loud howls of protest about this situation from those same conservatives:



Oh look, a blank space.




Fake Vox News

Fascism loves nothing more than to exploit death to spread both fear and misinformation. The recent shooting at Fort Lauderdale has proven to be just such an occasion. The Daily Beast reports:

Far rightwing figureheads immediately invented an elaborate and racist conspiracy theory that CNN had lightened a photo of alleged Fort Lauderdale airport shooter Esteban Santiago shortly after the Friday attack.
In reality, CNN had yet to air a picture of Santiago, let alone lightened a picture of him. The conspiracy also used a picture of an entirely different man named Esteban Santiago—not the alleged shooter.

Sure enough, over at Science Fictions own gloomy core of Alt-Right confusion, Vox Day is pushing the same line: [web archive link – live link here

Fake news, lies, propaganda? Not sure what the best word for it is. Malicious bullshit is probably the best description – I doubt Vox knew or cared whether the image was true.


I added the word ‘fake’ for obvious reasons!

Some Reaction from Voxopedia

In response to my last Voxopedia post, there has been a bit of a defensive reaction from VD and crew. At his main blog Vox has announced that the daily average page views are now rivalling his own blog. That’s a harder stat to confirm but it seems unlikely.

Meanwhile at the support blog Vox has added a hysterically funny fan mail letter:

“Today, I did a quick internet search (Google) for “Shiva” to verify a detail or two.  I clicked on the Wikipedia link.  By the end of the second brief paragraph, I was already informed of “the goddess tradition of Hinduism called Shaktism” and how it considers Parvati to be “the equal complementary partner” of Shiva.

Hmm.  Is Shaktism so prevalent or important that it must be introduced before we learn anything more of Shiva?  Also, I can understand how Parvati may be “complementary”, but the addition of “equal” smelled too SJWish.  I went to Infogalactic to see how its page differs.

On Infogalactic, the offending lines are absent, among other changes.

I am impressed.  I am also encouraged.  I don’t know where Infogalactic will lead or what all it will accomplish.  I can only imagine what providing a more pure source of information may do, how it may affect all the minds searching for information.  What if our youth become accustomed to the *lack* of SJW propaganda, and as a result become similarly skeptical when they meet it, as I did today?  You are saving lives and securing the future.”

I think you can all guess the amusing twist. The ‘Shiva’ page on Voxopedia is just an old copy of the Wikipedia page from when the Voxopedia crew copied Wikipedia over. It hasn’t been edited since and Voxopedia editors have made no contributions to it (as such).

I guess that is a kind of conservatism? Celebrating the more inherent rightness of a January Wikipedia page over the degenerate decadence of a December Wikipedia page.

Anyway…to cheer them up, here is a graph of their registered members:


It continues to attract members, its just that they don’t edit articles.


More Bad Science from the alt-right


Speaking of the Alt-right, their house journal has been getting its knickers in a twist over global temperatures. Resident UK spreader of warming nonsense, James Delingpole got himself somewhat agitated about the fall in temperatures after the 2016 El Nino.

 Global land temperatures have plummeted by one degree Celsius since the middle of this year – the biggest and steepest fall on record.

But the news has been greeted with an eerie silence by the world’s alarmist community. You’d almost imagine that when temperatures shoot up it’s catastrophic climate change which requires dramatic headlines across the mainstream media and demands for urgent action. But that when they fall even more precipitously it’s just a case of “nothing to see here”.

As happens so frequently, Delingpole reveals the stark evidence for global warming inadvertently in his critique. According to Delingpole, we are now in a chilly El Nino. But what do the actual temperatures show?

Dr Roy Spencer is himself a climate change ‘skeptic’ and the satellite temperature data has been lauded by Delingpole in the past.So what are the satellite data showing?

Yes, temperature anomalies have dropped since the 2016 EL Nino peak but they are still high. Indeed November 2016 is substantially higher than most of the data points in the satellite record.


Taking Delingpole’s blather seriously would imply that his chilly La Nina is HOTTER than early 1980’s El Nino’s.

The Alt-right and misogyny


Discussions on the term ‘alt-right’ both among the left and in the media have got more sophisticated in the past week. For example here is the Associated Press’s Blog discussing the term:

“Alt-right” (quotation marks, hyphen and lower case) may be used in quotes or modified as in the “self-described” or “so-called alt-right” in stories discussing what the movement says about itself.

Avoid using the term generically and without definition, however, because it is not well known and the term may exist primarily as a public-relations device to make its supporters’ actual beliefs less clear and more acceptable to a broader audience. In the past we have called such beliefs racist, neo-Nazi or white supremacist.

That is a good move but I think it is still lacking. The problem is how to discuss differences without sounding like you are minimising some aspect of neo-Nazis or the alt-right.

Brianna Wu tweeted some criticism of the AP piece that highlighted the glaring omission in the AP’s description:

Nazis were misogynistic and the Alt-right are racist BUT the roles misogyny and racism play in those movements are different. It isn’t that somehow the misogyny of the Nazis was OK or a lesser evil or that the racism of the alt-right is not deeply disturbing – both movements are appalling in either dimension. However, the misogyny of the alt-right is more key to their identity and to their behaviour.

In addition, misogyny has been the gateway for the alt-right to recruit young men into a racist movement. The current alt-right has deep and continuing connections with misogynistic ‘men’s rights’ style movements as well as with the supposed pick-up artist groups and dodgy ‘self-improvement’ and pseudo-psychology. In each case, there is a strong element of the alt-right playing on sexual insecurities of young men.

At the same time, the alt-right have tended to prefer nationalism and racism to self-define their movement. For example, Vox Day’s 16 principles of the alt-right overtly includes a white-supremacist credo as point 14 (the number chosen to highlight the source). Yet women are the most consistent personal targets of Alt-right campaigns. Anti-women viewpoints (including views that promote or legitimise sexual assault) are central to their messaging. Even their anti-immigrant propaganda is centred on sexual fears – often phrased in terms that imply women are territory or property at risk of being stolen or violated that they see as properly belonging to white men.

In short, the alt-right seeks to exploit the sexual insecurities of men to recruit and promote an overtly racist agenda while targeting women and feminism for harassment.