Category: Conservative Crisis

  • The weird attempt at a 2014 revival

    Given this blog recently enjoyed great success with a whole book centred on right-wing shenanigans in 2015, I perhaps shouldn’t complain about the latest culture war gambit. I say “latest” but I can’t think of a better way of putting it than “let’s do 2014/15 again”. A lot of this is coming from the Twitter […]


  • Will the new Trump campaign fizzle out?

    Donald Trump announced yesterday that he was running again for US President. The announcement was met with some scepticism across the political spectrum. There is an assumption that Trump’s influence is waning, particularly after the recent mid-term elections in which the GOP did relatively poorly and in which wackier candidates, in general, did badly (with […]

  • Ringo’s novel view of history

    Author John Ringo is a curious character. He’s pretty important in the history of the Sad Puppies and radical conservatism in science fiction and yet he largely backed out of the main conflict in 2015. Anyway, I’m not sure what is the water over in the former Puppy wastelands but Ringo is having a bit […]

  • Looking at the right and Ukraine

    I should preface this with a more general observation. In the spaces I look at/read (mainly people from English speaking countries), there’s no shortage of confused, uncertain or just plain-wrongheaded takes about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. People on the left aren’t always sure how to talk about an abusive imperial power that isn’t their […]

  • Ninja FUD in Arizona

    Cast your mind back to the closing weeks of 2020 and in the US the right was all aflutter about electoral fraud i.e. not at all coping with losing. I’ve covered the extent to which US elections are impacted by fraud before and the answer is lots-and-lots-and-none-at-all. The lots are overt and technically legal and […]

  • Larry C is stepping up the boogaloo rhetoric

    Larry Correia isn’t famed for subtlety or nuance in his political analysis but unlike many in his wider circle, he has usually side-stepped some of the more extreme violent rhetoric of the overly-armed right. Things are getting a little too much for him now though and the kind of Civil-War-2 style rhetoric that has been […]

  • Narrative reversal

    It has never been hard to reconcile this blog covering both science-fiction stories and the toxic weirdness of far-right extremists because both involve counter-factual storytelling. The difference is like the difference between a stage magician whose act involves an agreement between performer and audience to suspend belief and a con artist who uses misdirection and […]

  • Gamestop etc and the Alt-Right

    The term “Alt-Right” has gone out of fashion largely because there is increasingly little differentiation between the US right in general and the section that promotes extreme & far-fetched ideas via internet communities and social media. I still find it a handy term though, partly because for everybody else when we think of “conservative” we […]

  • Further Annals of Libertarians Discovering Capitalism Sucks

    I alluded to Larry Correia’s feelings being hurt by the action of Apple, Google and Amazon against conservative social media service Parler. As a reminder, Parler as well a being a privacy-data nightmare had such weak moderation processes that it was beset with issues with threats of violence. Larry, who has been tirelessly pushing electoral […]

  • A novel repercussion

    The right-leaning social network Parler is facing an uncertain future after being removed first from the Apple app store and then from Google and finally by being denied cloud services by Amazon. The stated reason is the poor level of comment moderation which has led to large numbers of violent threats and incitement on the […]