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  • It has been awhile since somebody tried to rewrite Sad Puppy history

    I believe it is usually January that we get an up-tick of attempts to vindicate Sad Puppy history and I imagine that we’ll get a few more attempts next year when SP3 marks its half-decade anniversary of accomplishing nothing but frustration, upset and column inches. However, I missed one earlier this month from science fiction’s […]

  • A Three Dimensional Model of Genres

    This is not an exhaustive model and it will inevitably break under the weight of counter examples (which is a good thing). However, like all models it helps to conceptualize underlying ideas and so allows us to see how reality departs from the model. The axes are: Reality distortion: Magic versus science. How is the […]

  • Being sceptical about 2+2: Sandifer v Day again

    There is a section in the Sandifer-Day discussion (review here and transcript here) Sandifer: Right, but when we’re talking about a world where people are – where there are subtle evils and mocking misrepresentations, isn’t a degree of skepticism a good thing? Isn’t a resistance to anyone’s demand that you should obey them a good […]

  • A warning from the future

    [In which our hero learns the future fate of the Sad Puppy campaign and discovers a list of the Puppy Slates of the future] I had been sitting in the small library in the south wing of Felapton Hall, perusing the annals of the Felapton estate in my set of antique Kindles, when I was […]

  • Why Guardians?

    I mentioned in my last post on Pink SF Puppies the Rabid Puppy’s objection to any vague hint of romance fiction in science fiction. According to Day, Pink SF has the following qualities and is supposedly the dominant form of SF currently: (edited excepts)  It is ‘necrobestial’ love triangles. It is using the superficial trappings […]

  • Pink SF and Puppies

    It is easy to see the puppies as an amorphous block – a single set of uniform beliefs held by all the main puppy leaders informing their every action. That would be an error though and even a cursory glance at the multiple rationales for the SP’s actions shows a great deal of diversity of […]

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