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  • Does Gandalf Know About Atoms? Part 2 Corpuscular Wizards

    Does Gandalf Know About Atoms? Part 2 Corpuscular Wizards

    So my previous post on this topic spun out some theories based on very little at all. I didn’t actually believe that Tolkien himself had any views on the issue. It was only afterwards, and with the addition of more coffee, that I realised the issue is right there in the text of The Fellowship […]

  • Does Gandalf Know About Atoms?

    This question is brought to you by me waking up at 1 am for no good reason. So, do atoms exist in Middle Earth? I think that might be a tricky question for other fantasy worlds but the implication in Tolkein’s books is that the magical world we see is the past of our world […]

  • A Question on the Economics of Space Energy

    I’ve been convinced, reluctantly, for some time by an argument regarding inter-stellar travel. The possible means we might have for traveling between the stars within reasonable time frames imply a command of massive energies. Wormholes, warp-drives, and hyperspace all imply direct manipulation of space-time in a way that we can observe does not currently occur […]

  • Not a How To Time Travel

    This post sort of follows this, this, and this. I don’t have many impractical suggestions of how to time travel. Let me explain. Time travel is either easy or impossible. It is easy because essentially time is just another dimension of space-time and travel in the other three dimensions is easy and we are already […]

  • Don’t Forget Climate Change: Chapter 5 Bob Carter – Precambrian Conservative?

    Previously…chapter by chapter I’m reading a dodgy book in which people try to pretend climate change isn’t really anything to worry about… Intro, Ch 1, Ch2, Ch3, An Aside, Ch4, … Robert M Carter was an Australian geologist and academic. He died earlier this year As is conventional in a review, I’ll talk about […]

  • Slow and Quick: two contrasting videos

    The first is this video of work down to mitigate the damage done by a relatively fast lava flow. The second is a video of a journey out from the Sun through the solar system at light speed. I think the two show interesting perceptions of time. In the first we see geology happening quickly […]

  • Pluto

  • Evil SJW Message Fiction! A cat reviews The Hot Equations

    [The Hot Equations by Ken Burnside is a Puppy nominated contender for Best Related Work in the Hugo Awards. My fictional talking cat Timothy, has asked that he presents his review. As his little cat paws are built for “fighting not typing” as he puts it, the review is presented as an interview. Audio of […]

  • Mad physics

    In a discussion on File 770 I was rude about the physics of faster-than-light travel while defending some of the madness of Doctor Who’s Kill the Moon episode and commenter “ccm” replied: FTL spaceships? Hah! What about a freakin Time Machine that can grow and jettison rooms as needed, produce pretty much anything you need, […]