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  • Monster and Robot have a civil conversation on video games

    Robot likes games with heroic robots.

  • More Behind the Scenes of Monster v Robot

    Robot’s publicist forwarded me this note: “Hi, Not sure Robot is really getting favourable coverage. People might not get that inside that metallic exoskeleton there’s a being of real soul and compassion. Here they are enacting one of their favourite movie scenes and skipping through Alpine meadows full of flowers. Good if you could share […]

  • The Making of Monster v Robot

    Monster has been getting fan mail after their appearance here and people have asked me about the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of this hi-tech production. Unfortunately, production is very much a trade secret but I do have an exclusive photo of Felapton Towers staff rehearsing with Monster. A consumate professional as always. Also condolences to […]

  • Monster versus Robot: Round 2

  • It Is Time for Less Civil Debate!

    No, no, not politics but in general! Being nice hasn’t worked but perhaps acrimonious discussion of minor issues might! And what better way to settle an issue than a fight between a giant kaiju monster and a giant robot. [Note: I’m on the side of the monster in this one I think]

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