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  • Cattimothy House Presents! McEdifice – The Missing Chapter!

    Oh my gosh and golly! A missing chapter form the amazing science-fiction epic McEdifice Returns? You betcha! But this time YOU GET TO BE CHISELED McEDIFICE! Is their no genre, no form of cultural media that Timothy the Talking Cat can’t master? No! Except maybe knitting. Aside from knitting? No! With the knitting it’s both […]

  • Yet Another McEdifice Cover

    There’s a story behind this one. The ebook on Smashwords (here! ) had some sort of glitch in the ePub version. As a consequence, the book kept failing validation checks to go on the Smashwords “Premium Catalog” distribution list – which means that Smashwords don’t pass the book onto Kobo and Apple etc. I […]

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  • Final Edifice: By Timothy the Talking Cat & Straw Puppy

    WOOOOOSSSHH! Cold open before theme music: Flashback: Twenty+ Chapters Ago. Location – the lonesome homestead of Chiseled McEdifice on the far prairie plains of the Grassland Planet of Steppe. Chuck the Pony lies on the ground. To all intents and purposes, he looks dead. In the distance, a cloud of dust marks the journey of […]

  • McEdifice Returns: Chapter penULTIMATE!!! So many reveals!

    By Timothy ‘Last Gasp’ Cat and Straw ‘Stick a Fork in It’ Puppy “Has our whole relationship been a lie?” asked McEdifice, as Betsy finished recounting this backstory in the cathedral just so everybody could catch up. “No Chiseled! I still love you its just that I’m now the most powerful demonic entity in this […]

  • McEdifice Returns: Chapter Man Pain Back Story

    McEdifice Returns: The Origin of Betsy T.T.T.Cat & S.Puppy “It is I, Betsy, the demonically possessed funeral urn of your ex-wife! I have done all this to reclaim you to be my king! Chiseled McEdifice – King of the Space Vampires!” she said, her voice echoing around the cathedral “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” cried McEdifice – looking older […]

  • McEdifice Returns: Chapter 21

    McEdifice Returns – A Novel By Timothy ‘America’s Greatest Living Cat of Letters’ the Talking Cat and Straw ‘My Friends Totally Told Me they Nominated Me for Pulizer’ Puppy. Good evening dear readers, it is I, Timothy the Talking Cat. For each journey there is a destination and for each destination there is a journey […]

  • McEdifice Returns: Chapter Fan Service

    McEdifice Returns By Straw Puppy and Timothy the Talking Cat. The “story” so far. After being captured by the forces of the Space Vampires, McEdifice was sent back in time and space through the gaping maw of a giant space vampire head. Determined to rescue him the alien Qzrrzxxzq and ScanScan the Dancing Photocopier man, […]

  • McEdifice Returns: Chapter Awards

    The world’s greatest feline book editor sat back in his chair. Before him was yet another finely crafted work of art in the form of structured sentences. “Another masterpiece,” said Timothy the Talking Cat to himself. His well earned self-satisfaction was interrupted by a bumbling fool. “I’ve finished that cover you asked for,” bumbled Camestros […]

  • McEdifice Returns: Chapter It’s Grimdark Oop North

    By Tim “bobbins” Cat and Straw “fettled keks” Puppy It were grim all right. Grim and grey. Grim and grey and the air was sulfurous and full of grit. “This is must be an aspect of the hell dimension,” said McEdifice as the trio trudged up the hillside on the outskirts of the fume enshrouded […]

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