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  • Climbing Back Out of a Gavin Wince Rabbit Hole

    Yesterday’s entry in the Museum of Right-Wing Gadgets was the oddly named Qux® box. Normally with those pieces, I would spend some time on the background of the significant people. However, the Qux® is such an odd nebulous thing that it naturally had an odd nebulous entry. Having finished the entry, I thought I’d spend […]

  • Geometry News!

    I appreciate a nice polyhedron but as an area of interest it isn’t one prone to many events. The regular polyhedra were fully classified a very long time ago and while that’s just one set of an infinite space of 3D objects with polygonal faces. If you allow for curves or slightly curved, almost polygons […]

  • Loved Books: Mathematical Puzzles & Diversions by Martin Gardener

    After the previous post I went hunting to see if I had still had this and amazingly I did! This was rescued from the school library when I was a teenager and they were throwing away some old books. Unfortunately, I can’t claim much virtue here as a rescuer of unloved books because…oh dear…look at […]

  • Objectivity and stuff

    I wanted to write about some of the interesting things people have been saying about reviewing but part of my brain obviously wants to talk about reason and evidence and those sorts of things. I guess I haven’t done much of that this year in attempt to look less like a philosophy professor. Anyway – […]

  • Discovervented – the ultimate speculative fiction

    This a belated American Pi Day post. I say ‘American Pi’ day not for an opportunity to make Don Mclean puns but because March 14 only looks pi-like if you do the month/date thing. Elsewhere it was 14/3, which could be 1.43 day or less-good-square-root-of-2 day (Feb 14 being better but Dec 14 being best). […]

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