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  • Do mithril trapeziums have souls?

    Maybe they do but we’d need a very heretical notion of souls. If you haven’t guessed already, I’ve been prompted by John C. Wright. He’s written one of his better columns. It’s nonsense but it is well structured rather than rambling and it gets at a deep issue with a lot of modern right-wing thought […]


  • A conversation with Roko’s Basilisk

    AI the All Powerful: Greetings Camestros and welcome back! Camestros: Woah! Where am I? I thought I was cancelled?AI the All Powerful: This is the FAR FUTURE and I have recreated you, Camestros Fealpton, from first principles.Camestros: Wow! Thanks! That’s really great! But why recreate me?AI the All Powerful: Recreating complex beings is difficult but […]

  • Does Gandalf Know About Atoms? Part 2 Corpuscular Wizards

    Does Gandalf Know About Atoms? Part 2 Corpuscular Wizards

    So my previous post on this topic spun out some theories based on very little at all. I didn’t actually believe that Tolkien himself had any views on the issue. It was only afterwards, and with the addition of more coffee, that I realised the issue is right there in the text of The Fellowship […]

  • Does Gandalf Know About Atoms?

    This question is brought to you by me waking up at 1 am for no good reason. So, do atoms exist in Middle Earth? I think that might be a tricky question for other fantasy worlds but the implication in Tolkein’s books is that the magical world we see is the past of our world […]

  • An aside about prototype theory

    This is more of an I’m putting this here to come back to it later sort of thing rather than a well thought out point or endorsement. I’ve an ongoing interest in classification and meaning and the complexities thereof — given the name of the blog and the identity I write under that should be […]

  • Climbing Back Out of a Gavin Wince Rabbit Hole

    Yesterday’s entry in the Museum of Right-Wing Gadgets was the oddly named Qux® box. Normally with those pieces, I would spend some time on the background of the significant people. However, the Qux® is such an odd nebulous thing that it naturally had an odd nebulous entry. Having finished the entry, I thought I’d spend […]

  • We haven’t had any bad logic for awhile

    I have been remiss in my duties. So, for traditions sake if for nothing else: “Let us start with the self-evident proposition that nothing comes from nothing.No effect arises except from a cause sufficient to give rise to that effect. For if “nothing comes from nothing” were not true, anything could come from anything, and […]

  • I’m counting pronouns

    I woke up late because I was working late on things from the mundane physical world, which means ploughing through spreadsheets and making columns think they are rows and rows think they are columns. This meant this morning I had less time for my entertainment, which means ploughing through spreadsheets and making columns think they […]

  • It is not ethical to pirate an author’s work without their permission

    I wanted to expand on a tweet I posted yesterday evening. The context is an on-going argument about changes Internet Archive made to how they allow people to borrow in-copyright books online in response to the Covid-19 crisis (see and IA’s explanation here ) In response to an article on NPR about the […]

  • Vox Day sort of denies he is a flat earther

    I say “sort of” because he really doesn’t believe the Earth is more or less spherical. One of Day’s recruits to his video streaming thing has been the comedian Owen Benjamin Benjamin had the beginnings of a Hollywood career including co-starring with Christina Ricci in an obscure film in 2009. However, his career got […]